Wanted: Tank and healer for horde raiding

Guild Recruitment
Dark Democracy guild recruitment open for all classes at this time.
We have 2 guild raid groups normally but this expansion our 2nd raid group has gotten a late start so for anyone out there who hasn't had the chance to do alot of raiding this might be the place for you. We do expect you to come to raid prepared with the basic knowledge or have researched the fight if it is new content to you as well as flasked and potions of your class specific style.
Our guild has been around since the first day the server opened in 2004 and we have a mature fun bunch of vets with alot of new folks who have recently joined us from other servers as well.
We raid tuesday and thursday night 8:30 to 10:30 EST and we also do an optional fri night achievement run with a sunday night optional raid if people wish to push content we don't have time to get to during the week or have been struggling with. we are not going for any server firsts or pressing the envelope in that manner but we do like to progress. Our current content offers the chance for someone not yet into mythic raiding to get thier foot in the door with experienced raiders.
We just started up the week of january officially, so again this is a fresh group this expansion. We use discord and our guild website is darkdemocracy.net if you are interested in applying or would like to talk to me personally in game pst Dustie or Drazentar (our raid lead) on Durotan realm and we will be happy to answer any and all questions.
we are currently doing Heroic NH 9/10. With the release of TOS comming out soon our 1st priority is to fill the heroic slots .
There are always people online to help do mythics, quest with or just have fun.
If you think this might be a good fit for you please come visit durotan. =)

Our Raid group name is "Get off my lawn!" if you head to darkdemocracy.net and wish to app there the sign up process is very easy just use the raid group you are signing up for in the title.
Current needs:

1 full time tank any class
1 full time healer -shaman -holy priest - holy pally - resto druid
2 melee dps any class
1 ranged dps

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