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i haven't played in 2 1/2 years and remember doing dungeons to earn valor so i could upgrade gear. but valor isn't listed as a reward for doing a random dungeon. is there any other way for a casual player to earn it?
Valor isn't currently used as a currency for anything. So at the moment there is no means in which one could acquire valor.
Valor doesn't exist in Legion, there's no upgrading your gear or buying badge gear with your valor points.

Instead, once you're 110, just look for world quests that have upgrades for you (the world quest rewards will increase in level along with you, up to a certain point). Other than that, you can buy Nethershard gear on the broken shore for 5000 nethershards each. Ilvl 880 gear, or higher. Farming them is pretty time-consuming, but you get them for lots of the Broken Shore content so just do that, and you'll quickly learn the fastest ways to get them, which are mostly random luck.

AP (artifact power) has sort of replaced valor. You only use it on your weapon once you get into the broken isles content at 100+, and it's basically just an item upgrade currency that you get for doing damn near everything.

It occurs to me now that maybe you want to earn valor at your current level... I'm honestly not sure if it's possible to still even get valor at all from MoP-level content, but I don't think so. In any event, unless you're planning to stay at that level, valor won't be useful.
Valor no longer drops in Legion. Instead of valor to upgrade items, you have a random chance that the item will be War forged or titanforged. These two will be a higher item level and have higher stats than if you just got a regular drop of said item.

So now along side Lfr-gear, Normal Heroic and Mythic versions of gear have a chance to warforge or titanforge. These can also have a chance to have a gem socket. Hope this helps.
No Valor, the only thing you can upgrade is your Artifact Weapon with Artifact Power.
You can get valor by doing things for odyn. Not the usable valor currency. Just pure epicness valor. According to odyn anyway. You also get glory as an extra. Not as a currency of course. But odyn's authentic keeper glory.
I was doing WoD mythics back in like patch 7.1 and was getting valor from that. Seems Blizzard didn't remove it as a source of it, but no idea if that was changed since I did it. But currently, there is no use for valor unless you plan to just stick around in MoP or WoD content where gear could be upgraded.
You can get valor badges from mythic WoD dungeons and raids. I got some on my rogue in 7.2.

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