[H] Varsity is Recruiting

Frostmane, Ner'zhul, and Tortheldrin
Hey, if you're like me, every time you log into WOW, you want to have fun. I made this guild because i got tired of all the rude, elitist, applications, silent guilds and players that, in my opinion, weren't really playing the game right. You should look forward to getting on and talking to your guild mates or people in wow. You should want to do something that's not repetitive or at least alone, cause i know it gets boring sometimes.

Very active guild. We are constantly on doing something. Whether it's doing some WQ's, running some high lvl mythics, gearing our alts, lending out a hand when we can, anything you can think of, we probably do it .

We're very social. Everyone gets along. We are always talking to one another either in guild chat, or in discord. We enjoy each others company and want to have fun together.

I could go on about this guild, but i want you to experience it for yourself. Everyone is welcome to join. If you like it, you're welcome to stay, if it's not what you are interested in, you can leave the guild with no harm done. I understand finding a guild is hard that suits your needs so the search can be weary. But let this guild help you get there.

We are recruiting anyone who wants to join. We don't have set raid times or days because i want to get more people in and see what works for everybody. Once we have a good number of players, we will work out a schedule that works for everyone. We are 6/9 in ToS Reg, and we got that the first couple hours it came out. If you have questions leave a comment or message me in game.
What days/times do you raid? I Am a ele/resto shaman.

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