<Gemini> [H] Casual Raid Group

Cairne and Perenolde
<Gemini> is looking for a few players to settle in it's casual group. We are casual, let me remind you again. We raid once a week, our goal is to clear normal and get everyone their 4 set tier, before we move onto heroic. We don't play every day of the week but we do play enough.

We are decent players, and some of us are very skilled, but have decided to limit our WoW time. Some of us have been playing since launch of WoW and some of us just started a year ago. We're a very widely spread skilled group, and we are willing to help those who are new and willing to learn. Most of us are a group of IRL friends.

We raid every Sunday night starting at 7:15 Mtn USA, and usually go until we're tired (3-4 hours later usually).

We are 100% personal loot, we raid no other way. You are welcome to trade loot, we will never force or pressure you into it. We are here to help each other though, please keep that in mind.

Here is what we want from those wanting to join;

- Be respectful to your guild members. We are here to help you, we are here as a team, we don't want to be battling you and the raid bosses.

- We don't expect you anywhere near top parses, we just want you to pay attention to raid calls, strats and just overall attentiveness in raid. Obviously if you're under tank's dps, we'll look into the possibilities of that and do our best to help you.

- We prefer you don't main swap. We've had a few main swaps (I'm probably the biggest offender of that), although we've all settled into our mains at this point. We won't kick you out for main swapping, but keep in mind it does dwindle your reputation. You are more than welcome to to use off specs though if we are able to utilize it (We cannot gurantee you'll be able to use your healing & tanking off-spec at will).

Some last notes;

We are not heroic raiders mainly, not even close to mythic. Our main goal last tier was normal Gul'dan and we did it, we did make some heroic progression, but we can only do so much when pugging. If you expect us to perform at where we should with top parses, you will be disappointed and probably should save both parties the trouble and not inquire. If you are willing to learn or willing to put up with some casuals who just dont give a fk some nights or just don't care if they perform at the top but do perform well enough, we're probably the perfect group for you. We're also not adding another night, so if that's a breaker for you I apologize. But if Sunday night only is perfect for you, by gosh golly send us a tell so we can get you in.

We are also a group of friends who don't just play WoW, but also other games. We play Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, and various other games both on pc and not.

If you would like to know more about us or would like to join us please add us on battle.net, chat us up and we'll definitely get you in with some fun for us.
Ohmygosh it's almost Thursday!
Raid finished strongly.

Our casual group made progress, clearing sisters and mistress. Pushing into desolate host next week and possibly maiden.

Please hit us up if you're interested in joining! We could use some strong dps!
I'd be interested in joining if its still possible?
Hey me and wife are looking for a new home, my warrior is 947 and monk is 950 ish. My wufes monk 945. Your guild sounds really cool. And sunday night raiding would be great. I just have to wake up for work in early on mondays. Do you guys ever start raids earlier then 7?

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