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Quel'dorei and Sen'jin
I'm a retribution paladin looking for a guild to raid with.
I'm iLvl 902 lvl 52 ashbringer, also have my truthguard to 47 and silver hand to 48.
I've also got a shaman (Ally-iLvl 870) that's in the process of gearing up.

1. Times available & time zone:
8:00-11:00PM T/W/Th EST time zone

2. Server preference:
PVE or RP, if transfering prefer EST time zone server

3. Faction preference:

4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual:

5. Current progression/experience:
10/10H Nighthold, 2/10M Nighthold

6. Recent logs (if available):

7. Contact info:

8. Anything else:
I mainly play ret, I have tanked in the past, healing could be rough.
<Last Attempt> (ToS 9/9 H & 1/9 M) of Sen'Jin/Q'D is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that offers steady paced raiding progression in a no-drama, mature(ish) environment. Recruiting raiders for 2 ToS groups. Tu/Wed @ 8p & Fri/Sat @ 9p.

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