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on Argus?
Kil'jaeden's son, Bill'jaeden.
06/20/2017 07:59 PMPosted by Korojin
Kil'jaeden's son, Bill'jaeden.

Thank you for always making me laugh. <3
Pretty good question. Short of Sargeras himself we pretty much churned through all the important named Demons.

After the Eredar leaders, the next in the chain of command would probably the the Dreadlord leader soooo... Tichondrius? If he's not too busy being reborn in the Nether after getting his !@# kicked in Nighthold, that is. Mannoroth is probably in the same boat...

I guess the other breeds of demons might have racial leaders of their own, but we never heard of them, so who knows?
06/20/2017 08:25 PMPosted by Zhadox

That's <Firelord> Nomi, thank you.
I don't know who's running the show. But if I'm in any chain of command, the second I see Azeroth out my front door?

I get together with every other commander, commandeer every purple item on the planet, and make it rain on Broken Shores like a Mardi Gras parade on Amphetamines.


You may be Legion in name, but we're a planet of homeless, sociopathic, murder hobos.

Not only did you mistakenly alert us to your presence? But we also found out you have better stuff than we do.

And, like Rocket Raccoon. We really, REALLY, want that stuff.
Team Rocket
Talgath is still there if Archimonde didn't survive his death on Draenor...

If Chronic Backstabber Archimonde survived then he'd likely take advantage of Argus leaving Sargeras's presence to hijack the Legion completely and sell out to the Void(he had a piece of N'Zoth's corruption that dropped for the Moose Quest in Hellfire Citadel).
Millhouse Manastorm? :D
Imma restore TK to his rightful throne as supreme ruler of argus.
06/20/2017 07:58 PMPosted by Snowflurry
on Argus?

Obviously the strongest, toughest, meanest, deadliest, most cunning and powerful demon under Archimonde and Kil'jaeden:

Bob the Imp.
Well, there's still Sargeras himself.

And yeah, I forgot about Talgath. I guess he's still out there too. Wasn't he like....3rd or 4th in command?

Aside from that, it's not like the Legion is small. We're talking about a force that has either conquered or flat-out destroyed countless worlds, over a period of 25,000+ years. There could be all kinds of names we haven't even heard yet.
Come on folks, we were told this almost a decade ago.

It's Jaraxxus.

Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion
I'm going to go with Daglop on this one.
simply put... *NDA* comes around and forces *NDA* to join their legion, mean while *NDA* appears with *NDA* who is basically pissed off at everyone. This just splits *NDA* factions into another MOP era style story. *NDA* then rises from the frozen throne and all hell breaks loose

Calling it now, his "visions" came from sargeras as well (just like he showed visions to KJ) in a very very very VERY long play by sargeras to figure out which would ultimately be stronger and better suited for fighting the forces of the void, the light or the fel. KJ/Archi were the fel, Velen was the light. Velen will now attempt to take control on argus and command his forces and the former members of his race (manari? eredar? w/e they're called, the ones who served KJ/archi) under the leadership of sargeras, but most of us will do just like we did with Garrosh and turn on him, but plenty of the forces loyal to him will go with him and setup base and we'll have to go stop him and the raid will be a mix of holy and fel madness.

Sargeras isnt on or near Argus or we'd have seen him in the cinematic, hes "somewhere" in the nether. And it would take a portal the size of the one Illidan opened in order to get him through it unscathed and at full power, so theres no way we WOULDNT see him up there if he was there.

So really, who does that leave to be the big baddy of the expansion? Come on, we always have one, and we know of them well in advance, or at least know their name. Be it a twist villain (archi in WoD) or a build up villain (garrosh in MoP) or someone we were shown the whole time (deathwing or LK). This time we havent been shown any specific baddy the whole time, and theres been no one built up, and they arent just going to pull some random "high up demon" out because that would be a massive anti-climax, and we ARENT going to fight sargeras himself.

So what does that leave? A twist villain thats among our own ranks. And who is it that fits that bill? Two characters. Illidan and/or Velen. Illidan may be a bit nuts, but hes not actually evil and wants sargeras destroyed, he isnt going to suddenly team up with him. And if he WAS going to team up with him, he would have done it back during NH and not resisted sargeras trying to put his soul into illidans corpse, he wouldnt have been fleeing sargeras forces in the nether while in spirit form or whatever (shown during the DH order hall story).

That just leaves Velen.

Honestly with so many things tied up already this expac if she or another main character were to become part of the legion this would be the time.

It's Jaraxxus.

Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion

and if this happens then the burning legion will actually win. We just cant compete against that kind of "You face Jaraxxus, Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion! " every six seconds.
06/20/2017 11:28 PMPosted by Puzle
Sargeras isnt on or near Argus or we'd have seen him in the cinematic,
Could he be INSIDE the planet? There's a great big hole there, and lots of steaming fel and stuff.

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