[H] 9/11M Fri/Sat LF Tank | Flex Healer

Guild Recruitment
<Spiritus Mundi>
Type: Semi-hardcore progression
Progression: ToS 7/9 Mythic | Antorus 9/11M

Faction: Horde
Server: Kilrogg / Winterhoof
Raid Times:
  • Thursday 7:00 - 9:00 PM PST (Optional Normal)
  • Friday & Saturday 7:00-11:00 PM PST (Progression Heroic/Mythic)
  • Loot System: Loot Council, Priority to DPS, then Tanks, then Healers

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    Guild Benefits

  • Guild Bank provided Flasks and Spirit Cauldron
  • Guild Bank provided Potions
  • Guild Bank provided Raid Food, Lavish Suramar Feasts and the +375 stats variety
  • Guild Bank provided Enchants
  • Guild Repairs
  • About Us

    Spiritus Mundi is looking for strong, dedicated, experienced DPS and healers for core spots in our mythic progression team: an enthusiastic approach to raiding is required.

    Our goal as a guild is success. To complete current content at a competitive pace while always striving to improve ourselves on a compressed 2-day, 8 hour schedule.

    What We Are Looking For

    We are interested in players that can manage their time well and remain committed and consistent. Individuals who are constantly looking into how they can make themselves a better player. A good sense of humor along side superior raid awareness and a willingness to adapt is a must. Trials and raiders alike are expected to behave as mature adults in regards to loot, drama, preparedness, and general raid attitude.

    Our current needs:

      Healer (Resto Druid / HPally / MW any with a strong DPS offspec)
      Tank (Brewmaster / Blood / Guardian)

    *We will gladly accept applications from exceptional players of any class*

    Contact Information:

  • Rav#11203 (Raid Leader/GM)
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