CotW 9/9 H ToS LFM for Antorus

Farstriders, Silver Hand, and Thorium Brotherhood
Children of the Well (9/9 Heroic TOS) is currently looking for active raiders to progress through the upcoming Throne of Antorus. Currently in need of DPS (Demon Hunter & Mage especially). Firm believers that people should play the class they prefer, instead prioritizing personality and ability to do mechanics. We're willing to teach and help gear in the event of lack of experience/ilvl, and our philosophy is that we don't recruit for a bench.

Our raid times are:

Tuesday and Thursdays 6 to 9 PM server. Progression raiding, Heroic ToS

Sundays is our alt casual run Normal/Heroic ToS in the same time frame

Outside of raids, we have an active community with Guild events and Mythics pluses running most off night. We are not much of a PvP guild, but we do have a couple of players who do take part.

Feel free to contact via battlenet SilchasRuin#1466 or Discord Silch#5640
Updated, currently 5/9 Heroic Tomb
Updated 6/9 H
Updated 7/9 Tomb, recruiting a healer in addition to melee dps
Added Elemental Shaman to recruitment needs
Update recruitment post
Good luck in Antorus!
Updated recruitment needs, looking for DH dps and a mage

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