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I've had huge success with a kun lai runt (2,2,2) and a mechanical pandaren dragonling (1,2,2). The runt does huge amounts of damage and the dragonling sweeps it up.

I'm wondering what a good third pet might be. I've been using the slot as flavor, so I've been putting Stardust (2,2,2) in just to rough them up at the start. Unborn Valk was pretty much useless because the Kun-lai runt will kill pets before the valk becomes effective. I've been toying with boneshard (2,2,2) or something like that.

I can see critters, especially with Flurry, giving you a hard time.
Your elemental damage from the runt is weak AND they can't be stunned. Not to mention their Flurry can one-shot your decoy.
You're also lacking some speed. The 309 spd MPD isn't really THAT fast anymore.
This isn't the "über mega best" 3rd pet, but try using a H/P Fledgling Buzzard.
You can catch one easily out in Redridge Mountains.
I recommend H/P pretty much for any and all flying type pets with a speed enhancer like Adrenaline Rush. More health, hits harder and they'll pretty much always be faster regardless.

The moveset you wanna go with is Thrash, Adrenaline Rush and Lift-Off.

-Your racial will outspeed any non-flier, making any move like Flurry half as dangerous your
-Thrash will tear critters apart
-AR is there for when you finally dip below your racial, this'll keep you faster than anything
-Lift-Off is great for avoiding big moves like CoD, Gate, Haunt, etc.
-Magic pets will hurt your Buzzard, but that's when you swap in your MPD which takes weak damage to magic
Give it a shot.
It's a solid 3rd, but I'm sure there are a handful of better options out there.
Also, with only one tier-1 pet on this team, you can't really be labeled a bully or a "Try Hard", which nobody wants. :p
2nd recommendation:

An aquatic (w/aquatic moves)

-strong against undead
-strong against elementals

The two races that have damage advantages against your two main pets.
1st recommendation:

It's great on paper, and it's definitely going to make the team against my friends, but it seems as if nobody pvp queues with critter pets. Slightly worried that I'm not getting the most out of the slot due to the rarity of critters in pvp.

07/07/2017 07:41 AMPosted by Brawler
2nd recommendation:

Yeah I don't know my way around aquatic pets. Maybe a gulp froglet (2,1, 1 or 2)? Not much for speed though.

Alpine Foxling (1,1,1) could shred undead pets pretty well...
Lil' Bling is OP. Lots of damage, damage over time, heals and as a mechanical, he revives. He is unstoppable!
I would try out a ghastly kid or a stormwing.

I usually start out fights with the ghastly kid. I don't haunt right off, I ehtereal or hoof a few times until I see what moves the other team has, then I haunt. Then I usually pull out my MPD and wipe up the 1st and 2nd pet, then bring ghastly kid back in and haunt again.

However, if the other team has an unborn valkyr, I would haunt 1st move, because if they also haunt first move, the kid is faster and their haunt fails.

Most teams seems to be humanoid and undead heavy so you could stack stuff against those and be fairly safe.
Three suggestions and thoughts: Given you don't have a lot of pet synergy another block/dodge may be good as a solid stand alone, like bonkers. Your biggest counter might be undeads so a frostfur rat might help there. A tanky pet with a big aoe like lil' xt could work to soften them up for your other two.
You could try the purple puffer or the emperor crab. They can tank dots like a boss and do nice damage with strong surges. The crab is tanker because of shell armor and the puffer hits hard with pump.

There's also the hyjal wisp. It is very fast and can heal allies with wish or tank big hits with its racial or dodge.

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