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in the real world? tell him to stay stealthed at all times. pretty sure what most people would call a minotaur walking around would cause quite the panic. :(

in his world? easy! Where we going next? I need to see it all! We'll fly to the tops of mountains, dip our toes in moonwells then run away laughing, I'll try and get him in good with alliance (since I sadly would still be human) and he can try and get me in with the horde (where I may or may not try and net me a troll). :)
/Peeks in thread

Yep, the usual stuff people would do with some of their characters.

All the naughty stuff.

/Stops peeking
If Thrasius was real, he'd be in command of the entire Silver Hand, and he'd be rich, owning almost 10 million gold.

Which means he'd instantly retire, buy an Island off the coast of Stranglethorn, and live there with his 30 blood elf, human, draenei and night elf girlfriends while waiting for this whole war thing to blow over.
I would use her to get lots of money from banks, because who's going to stop a twelve foot demon anyway. Then there would be other things for the elf form too.
I would likely be murdered because once they realize I write their terrible lives they would want me dead.
what do you mean 'if'?, they are real , we are the illusion
Probably have him train me to be a Paladin...y'know, assuming him being here means magic is now a thing.
I think I'll create the perfect guy character so when he becomes real, we can spend our lives together in romantic bliss.
I'd have this one raise me an army of the dead that I would use to conquer the world
Raise hell.

I mean he's a DK so he probably can. Or at least get it close enough.
If my panda female hunter here was real I would have a nice soft snuggle bunny I could lie in bed with all day.

Being a hunter we then could go tame all the wild animals out there I like also maybe a few Tauren and Worgens as slaves errr bodyguards.
For starters....I'm about 3 feet shorter now, so I'd probably have to get some stepstools for around the house.

On another note, this makes my alcohol tolerance a lot higher, so I could probably have some fun with that.
Me work work all day anyway, so me am real.
...considering all of my characters are females but one, I'd probably die of amazement. And then from an overdose of love... They're pretty much all huggers of some sort ICly, Ariiah here being among the most passionate in the idealogy of 'soul mending hugs'.

...it'd be such a wonderful cuddle-pile though!

Kind of made my own monsters in a way, all things considered. I've never been able to RP mean people, and I always feel like there needs to be more hugs in the world ...and Azeroth too.
Assuming Wolvigar brings his almost-lavish wealth with him, me and him would live it out good for the rest of my life.

Not his. He won't die. He's undead.
Well... I'd be a redhead instead of a brunette. I'd still be a professional backstabber though so not much change there.
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Grab that waggle.

Now that sounds like a fun game
Go around doing cool stuff.
Quickly apologize for all of the times I've gotten her killed.
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What would you do if your character(s) were real?

Example: If my character was real, I would (sadly) never eat steak again.

What about you?
I'd...probably be in a lot of trouble.

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