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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Wired> Dath'Remar / Khaz'Goroth (Oceanic)

Website: http://www.wiredgaming.gg/

5/9M ToS
6/11H Antorus

Raid Times:

FRIDAY - 8pm until 11pm Server (GMT+10)
SATURDAY - 8pm until 11pm Server (GMT+10)
SUNDAY - 8pm until 11pm Server (GMT+10)

WEDNESDAY - Casual / Alt - 7:30pm Server (GMT+10)

About Us:
We are a mostly Australian guild with members on either coast, and a few Kiwis too. We are a semi-hardcore and we maintain a serious and focused atmosphere during progression raiding, however, we relax and enjoy a lot of banter during our more casual 'on farm' raids. We have spent the majority of the Nighthold raid release building a team capable of pushing Mythic progression, so although we had a late start for Nighthold, so made our first proper attempt during Tomb of Sargeras. We also have a casual raid night so more casual players and lower-geared alts can see the current content and have a chance to experience non-LFR raiding.

Raiding aside, we are also a social guild with some players still leveling or just casual who want to chat and explore other aspects of the game with no intention of becoming raiders. If this sounds like you, we also try and schedule transmog and achievement runs through old content, raids on Alliance cities, some PvP nights and whatever other fun activities we can think of which are open to everyone.

We are also building a rated BG PvP group and are looking for a mix of the right classes and specs to make this a successful team.

Currently Recruiting:
I will post current recruitment needs in later posts on this thread, so please check that last post to see what we are looking for specifically. Players comfortable in multiple roles will be given the highest priority, but even if your role is not currently being recruited, you are welcome to apply anyway. Anyone wishing to join as a non-raider is welcome regardless of class or level.

Our Expectations Of New Members:
*Good understanding of your class and role with regards to rotations and ideal stat priorities
* Good AP progression on at least your main-spec weapon
* Punctuality for all raids, and ability to notify raid leaders if you are
unable to attend an upcoming raid
* Discord (voice chat) is mandatory for all raids (you do not have to speak, just be able to listen)
* Typically stable internet connection
* Good attitude, ability to fit in with other members of the guild

If you are joining as a non-raider (even as someone wishing to raid in the future) most of the above expectations are not necessary. However, we would expect that you can still get along with others, and we would encourage you to use Discord particularly if you were attending any scheduled events, just to join in on the banter and fun. If you were wishing to raid but do not currently meet all of these requirements, we have no problems with helping you to master your class and spec and to help you to acquire gear - we have enough players knowledgeable with their spec and class to help you with most specs in the game.

If you wish to progress into Mythic content with us, you will be required to provide your own Augmentation runes, but all Flasks / Food / Potions of Prolonged Power (also Vantus Runes for later Mythic progression) are provided by the guild for all guild raids. Current gear is not necessarily an issue as we can help you gear via Mythic + dungeons etc, although you would be expected to meet at least the minimum requirements to raid and progress with us. We are trying to maintain an extended pool of raiders (25-30) for our Mythic progression team as sometimes someone cannot make the raid, and we want players to remain competitive to retain their Mythic raid spot. Players will have plenty of opportunities in Normal and Heroic raids to showcase their ability to play their class well allowing for regular adjustments for the final Mythic raid composition for that week. We are also using a loot council system for Mythic raids to ensure a fair distribution of loot.

Trials will last for one week (ideally 2 raid nights) where regular raid members have main priority for loot, then trial members, then off spec and upgrade proc chance (we use master loot for all raids, but non-Mythic uses need roll only).

How To Contact Us:
For more information, or to apply, please contact via battlenet:
GM: Hellpuppy#1849
GM Assist: MonkeyChic#11745
Recruitment: Undiesman#6751
(Current as of 17/8/2017)
Marauders Team:
* Dual-spec Healer / DPS - ideally (but not restricted to) Paladin / Druid

Berserkers Team:
* Paladin / Monk HEALERS
* Ranged DPS
(Current as of 27/8/2017)
Marauders Team:

Beserkers Team:
* Paladin Healer
Bump, see above post
Bump, see above
Bump see above
(Current as of 15/10/2017)
* Dual-spec Healer / DPS - ideally (but not restricted to) Paladin / Druid
Looking for
* RANGED DPS, preferably with Healing offspec. Full on priests / druids.
* Considering a tank.
pss,just poping here to tell u that u might want to tell ur player monkeychic to stop atacking random player with insult in raid finder .Doing the ''ITS SERIOUS HERE,I'M AN ELITE PLAYER'' and caling people noob or telling them to unsub wow or kill them self and how it will prove benefit to the world(basicly just being human trash toward other player).Cause being a raid finder what happen in there is pretty inacurate from the start,also its doing a really bad publicity for ur guild/community name and reputation (literaly took me 2 sec to find this post and all the btag/name of ur guild leader ,even ur website).My first impression of u is one of u player being super cancer toward player in a raid finder for no valid reason (there is no valid reason to be cancer as he was)and that is kinda sad cuz u guys are probably a super guild/community .

that said, i hope u have a good day :)

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