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Cairne and Perenolde
Hi there, I am a an old player returning after a couple of years hiatus. I am just looking for a nice, casual guild on Alliance side. I use to be a raider but that was years ago and now I just don't want to..lol. I just want to be stress free when I am questing,leveling and doing lfr but would like to chat with people.

So, if anyone knows of an active guild( meaning people who actually come online..a guild may have 300+ in it and only one person show up at a time=not active)

My id is: starfloater#1444.
I'm the gm of DJ I made this guild for handicap players that need a home and want to raid from 3 days week. Becuase I have c.p. we are recruiting all class but demon hunter. My b-tag is kurting#1779 my e-mail is mr.schnepp28@yahoo.com.

4 pm to 8 pm est

I was being kick so I made my own guild. We are a new guild that is a family that worked hard.

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