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Should I upgrade my currently level 90 cloth heirlooms all the way up to 110 just to level this warlock who is already 100? OR would that be too costly for only 10 levels?
(I have ~100k gold total)

Will it make a big difference in speed in legion?
I would say it is not worth it but I have the very unpopular opinion of enjoying levelling in Legion content and found it rather fast. You also end up doing more quests which makes more World Quests show up (unless they changed the ones that are repeats of "yellow" quests and they show up regardless if you've done them once). More achievements and stuff too. If you are planning on doing all the quests regardless of when you reach 110, then that's a moot point.

But speaking objectively, it would be a good idea to grab them as long as it doesn't drain your funds too much. This gets you max level all that much quicker and the sooner you start gearing up and getting into the real meat of WoW (Raids, M+ and such). Don't remain too poor doing it, I say, because crafted gear and obliterum is actually pretty cheap, depending on server and a good way to jump up in item level.
It's a question of choice v convenience v cash

With full 'Looms you'll get 90K per invasion point, without 60k.
i don't think so ,it seems to me the gear that drops from last 2 expacs questing seems to be just as good as the looms,in many cases better.I think most of my questing gear is blue or purple anyways.A couple times there has been a piece or 2 that falls behind and a loom would have been marginally better,just my opinion but i think past lvl 90 it is a waste of gold.
it's extra xp, if you want to level faster then it's worth it, if not then it doesn't matter.
07/08/2017 06:22 AMPosted by Gorkron
Will it make a big difference in speed in legion?
yes, it's a big difference.

50% difference.
What I did in wod and what I did in this expansion is I ONLY upgraded cloth boa, it serves every purpose I need it to for every class. For int users I just wear the cloth boa and for any agility/str user I just swap to the boa right before a quest turn in. A tiny bit a pain, but it's totally worth it. Also it's probably more worth your time to buy the boa upgrades using timewarped badges than gold if you're tight on gold, just do the weekly 500 badge quest on a couple characters each time it's active
You can level pretty damn fast with heirlooms and invasions. That said I haven't bothered and with rested I am max level usually around the time I finish the second zone.
You've got 100k gold. If your goal is to turn that into millions then no, don't spend it on heirlooms. Invest it into something that will make you more. If you don't have any interest in the gold making aspect then sure, buy something nice for yourself. Just keep in mind that it's a really short term perk for leveling one character 10 levels. They are much more beneficial with an army of alts and/or starting from level 1.
I upgraded all of mine. A cloth set is always useful if you run alts, and might be leveling to 110 in the future. Invasion exp is better with looms. It's doable without looms, just takes longer and I recommend using crafted gear if you are not using looms upgraded. I used to craft my own before looms upgraded. I don't regret any loom upgrades since I maintain an alt army of 110's.
facing the same issue with my lock.

decided it wasn't worth the gold.

invasions are so fast, a few extra hours isn't an issue.

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