[H] <Disturbed> 11/11M - 3 Day 8-11PM - LFM

(H) <Disturbed> US-Zul’jin - 3 Nights/Week - Semi-Hardcore

Raid Times
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 8-11pm server (EST)
*Holidays will be rescheduled.*

Current Progression:
Antorus: 11/11M
TOS: 8/9M
Nighthold: 10/10M
Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M

MDPS: Closed
RDPS: Closed
Tank: Closed
Healer: ALL
*All exceptional players, regardless of role/class will be considered.*

Recruitment Criteria:
- 90% Mandatory attendance and ability to give advance notice of availability
- Prepared with consumables, addons, and knowledge of raid bosses
- Comfortable with constructive criticism/feedback
- Respectful, Friendly, and Mature
- Good communication skills
- *Looking for long-term placement in guild*

How To Apply
Please apply on the following website:

Contact Information:
Madness#12309 - Madness
Apple#11916 - Applejuice
Mojo#12988 – Mojosauce
Mythic Harjatan down! still interested in DPS recruits
Mythic Demonic Inquisition down! open spots still available for DPS
Still interested in adding DPS to our bench/sub roster. Working on mythic sisters!
Interested in DPS, core spots open. Mythic sisters close to being down.
Mythic Sisters down!
Looking for rogues! Full time spot open
Host at 2%! should be down this week. Interested in a tank and healer who don't mind being part of the bench. DPS positions still available.
Mythic Host down! Mistress up next.
Mythic Mistress at 4% kill coming soon. Currently interested in DPS who know how to perform well at DPS and MECHANICS
Mythic Mistress down!
Still Interested in DPS & Heals
Maiden almost down, interested in DPS/Tank recruits.
Bump Bump
Have a full time spot for a tank. Still interested in new DPS recruits
I’m interested, but have already done mythic content (on my tank) this week so I wouldn’t be available until next week. I have a +1 (Rogue) who may be interested as well. I’ll add you on bnet tomorrow afternoon with some questions, if you haven’t already found someone by then.
Mythic Maiden Down! Interested in a flex DPS/HEALER.
Working on Mythic Avatar, still looking for a flex healer

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