Joint realm discord server

Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
Hello Borean Tundra and Shadowsong! Just to let everyone know we have a discord server up and going! It is open for both factions and every one is welcome! We got channels for guild recruitment, server and blizzard news. Along with a variety of voice channels that are open to everyone! Come join the fun!
Such a fascinating concept; has anyone actually started using this?
We have around 30-40 members
need more people, spread the word, also Guild Leaders channel available
Im assuming this is probably also <fates call> guild discord server? I play alliance so kinda sucks cause i think you guys are horde. Ill still hop on more since im guildless and dont really hang out with anyone.
No. It is for every one on server we have several alliance guild leaders/guild officers on there as well. It is an open public server.
bump from the drunk
Bumping up
bumping up because needs more attention
Discord is now under new management! I want to thank everyone on bt/ss for making it an amazing server discord! But in the end it is time for me to part ways officially. BFA will be bringing a very busy time for me. I got accepted on to an established mythic raiding team and will be leading my own rbg team. I am in return opening my gaming clan up for more members! If you are interested it is a group of peeps from numerous servers, and numerous other games! We hear voices is a gaming clan for everyone but be mindful of the nsfw channel!
Good luck guys!

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