Adult guild (W,Th 8-11 PST) LF raider/casual

Guild Recruitment
<Kindrèd> is an alliance guild of friendly, mature players on Proudmoore seeking other like-minded individuals to join our community. We are primarily an adult group (21+) from all walks of life. We are focused on friends having a great raid experience and we strive to maintain an environment that is kind, easygoing, and respectful. We are currently recruiting members to join as casual/social members and/or to be a part of our progression raid team.

For those interested in the raid team - Raid nights are Wednesday and Thursday (8-11pm PST). We are primarily in need of DPS (see website for priorities) but will consider all roles and specs. For each tier, we do our best to push our progression as far as we can go, which usually means AOTC and possibly some Mythic raiding. Majority of the current raid team were semi-hardcore in earlier expacs but now more interested in progression raiding on a casual schedule. Although we expect our raiders to be knowledgeable, prepared for raids, and to play with skill and awareness, our raid environment is meant to be fun without the fear of being yelled at or made to feel stupid about mistakes. We firmly believe that progression and advancement in this game are important to keep the game fun for those who like to raid, but we also realize that leading through harsh criticism and fear of failure detracts from the fun. This is the crux of Kindrèd and it’s the basis for how we operate as a guild and how we play the game.

For the casual/social members - we are most active in the PST evenings however a few of our members play early morning and/or throughout the day. Activities such as M+, mog runs, regular dungeon quests, PVP battlegrounds, timewalking events, etc... are just some of the examples of what we do as a guild when there is interest. Casual/social members who are sufficiently geared are also often invited to join the raid team when content is on farm and loot is otherwise being disenchanted. Casual/social members who decide they want to start raiding have the option of undergoing a short trial period prior to joining the raid team.

Interested? We hope so! Please check out our website at for more information about us. If you’re interested in joining, please fill out an application or contact us thru Bnet at Elyseia#1632 or Alocas#1274, if you have any questions.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!
Looking for more!
Hello Boosauce, I may be contacting you soon for more information!
921 Brewmaster looking for a home
Kairos#12995 or Baokin-Proudmoore
Thank you both for your interest! Look forward to hearing from you and/or we will reach out to you shortly.
Come join us!
Still looking for more. Come trial with us on Wednesday!
Looking for more!
Still looking! Come trial with us tonight!
Thursday bump!
I just filled out an App!
Pre-weekend bump!
Application submitted :)
Still looking! Come join us!

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