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Wow legion app not working... I've uninstalled and installed 2x and still not opening
Same. Started Sunday mid morning. Have uninstalled and reinstalled. Get error message "Unable to load data from device."
Hi there! I've got a Blu Touchbook (Android) and am trying to get the app to run... I've been stuck in "Downloading" for days. The app fills the bar up to 70%(aprox) and then crashes and have to do it all over again and it doesnt go beyond that point.

I have done:
1. Uninstalled the app.
2. Free up space in both SD card and Internal Storage (400+MB free internal and 1.6gb free SD now)
3. Rebooted phone.
4. Re-installed app.

Results: No change. Any insight? Oh btw, after installing the app anew but before running it again I have 1.6 gb free space in SD (Default storage location) according to phone report.
I can connect to the character select, but when I select a character I get booted back to the login screen.

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