Darkest Hour Seeking Raid for Normal Prog

If you’ve tried to recruit on Cenarius, you’d know it’s a very slow and tedious process, to say the least. The fact is that there just isn’t much of a selection on our server, which is why we’ve approached a different method of finding new players, merging. Instead of seeking out individual players, that may or may not be ready for the content the guild is facing, we’ve decided to reach out to groups to see if they’d like to join forces and push content that we are both currently on. This has worked for us very well in the past, allowing us to get a few mythic kills last tier in a short amount of time, when we wouldn’t have been able to do so otherwise due to numbers. We’re looking to do this again, but with a different objective in mind.

Proposal Summary: Darkest Hour(Currently 1/9M) is looking to take in an established raid group, whether that is an existing guild or group of players, to form a second raid group inside our existing guild. This group would function independently to our regular Heroic/Mythic raid which meets on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6 pm server (Pacific Time). This new group would be lead by an individual (currently undecided) that should pose skill in raid leading and management.

Goals: With this, we hope to establish a steady and consistent raid team for 3 main reasons.

1. The first being “cross pollination”, a term we use to describe the sharing of skilled players between 2 separate groups. We will be hosting our regular 2 night schedule, which is currently progressing through Heroic and soon to be Mythic, while our proposed second group will run a designated amount of nights(TBD) while progressing through Normal and Heroic. If any member of each group found it a better fit for them in either of these groups, we can strive toward making that transition work out.

2.Complete content coverage would be the second goal. We wish to provide our guild with raids from every difficulty level. We could, in theory, accomplish this immediately, but our long-term vision for this guild is it should be a viable home for the casual to the advanced player. Additionally, our officers currently have their hands full with our current raid and we’d like to be able to maintain focus on our objectives there. Bringing in an established group should provide a strong base to build this ideal guild upon.

3. Our last goal, members, we wish to grow the guild. Not much to explain here, it’s just something that we would like to do.

As a quick statement regarding these goals, we want to highlight that this intended to be an “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” type of situation. Both groups could greatly benefit from this type of merge; we can both help each other progress through content via “cross-pollinating” our groups and content clears. It’s important to mention that an established Normal/Heroic run WILL NOT become an alt-run or carry group. The leader of this proposed group will have control over the requirements, whether that is DPS, Ilvl, or any other measurement. We do not intend to be given special treatment, this will not become a problem.

I believe that serves as a general outline of our proposal, I’ll go over some of the details below.

Guild Leadership: We are prepared to offer officer status to an established guild or raid leader. We see this as a necessary action to take in order for the welcomed guild to feel “at home”. We would just like to state ahead of time that this position would be subject to a trial period where we can evaluate the individual’s ability to act as an officer in the guild. Further details on this could be discussed at a later time.

Loot Rules: The current group uses Loot Council to distribute gear, via RC Loot Council add-on. Our proposed group’s loot management is TBD and open for discussion.

Schedule: Ideally, not during current raid times (Tue & Thur, 6 to 9 pm Pacific), but this is also TBD and open for discussion. We would like to participate in this new raid, but would not be able to do so unless established at a different time. However, a group that ran at the same times as ours would still provide opportunity for some of our members to participate that wish to exclude themselves from strenuous mythic progression.

We hope that this proposal provides a clear understand of our intentions. There are plenty of details that would need to be discussed, if you’re interested in something like this for your guild or raid group, feel free to contact myself, or our GM.

Thanks you for your time.

QQless, GM
Discord: QQless#4261
Battle Net: QQless#1258

Elderpen, Officer
Discord: Elderpen#2849
Battle Net: Campagnolo#1638
Updated, Mythics are off to a good start. Still looking for players to build additional raids within the guild. If you have any interest or questions, hit us up!

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