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Frostmane, Ner'zhul, and Tortheldrin
Hello folks. Me and my brother, coworker and girlfrind are looking to merge with another guild. Preferably one that has a lot of members and like's pvp. Would love to find a pvp guild, but it looks like those no longer exist on our realm. I'm a 904 bm hunter, also have an 890 disc/holy/spriest. Also should have my warrior to 110 by the end of the month. The rest of them are still gearing, and ilvl 860 or lower. Me and my tank dh coworker are pretty active. Just looking for a guild with other active people that we can play with.
Im at work most of the day today, but if you hit me on discord at Reechani#5158 I think we may be able to set something up for you guys
We're always looking to add more people to our guild. Very laid back and social. Give me a whisper whenever you can. Jesus409tx#1116

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