LFR - Do You Need That!?

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I normally inspect people that ask me for gear. If theirs is better they aren't getting the loot. Secondly, I don't trade people for their mog collection. I just feel you can farm it like the rest of us. However, you can say I'm looking for gear for my mog. If you don't want the piece I would gladly like to have them. State it before the boss and just be grateful if you get the piece. If not try again next week.
You don't need to tell them anything. What you want to do with your loot is up too you.
I usually don't mind trading gear in LFR because I understand that to some people, this is their "end game". Sometimes though you get those people that are just gimme gimme gimme.

Earlier this week in ToS, the pally tier pants dropped and some warrior sends me a tell before I get a chance to even check the pants out. First he says, "hey do you need those?" Before I can say anything he then goes, " I need those", and then proceeds to open trade with me, expecting me to just hand them over. I just left LFR group at that point.

It always irks me when people do things like that when it comes to loot.
This is how I fix it in a hurry. Cancel any unwanted trade windows that pop up.

Leave group. Wait for deserter debuff to go away. Re queue. And finish where you left.

It's annoying I admit. but at least you won't be kicked over something petty like sharding LFR crap. Chaos crystals are more wanted than that transmog.

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