[T-RP] Army of the Truthful: Two Years Strong

Moon Guard
Army of the Truthful; a name that evoked many feelings from the populace, mainly negative.

Their beginnings were humble; a mere handful of the most zealous surviving Scarlet Crusaders holding out in the northwestern mountains of Tirisfal.

Led by the son of a peasant with delusions of grandeur, the self-styled ‘High Cleric’ of the Scarlet Crusade -- Chandan Ostrick -- the Truthful did not let petty obstacles such as resources or lack of allies or manpower get in their way.

Fueled by unwavering, manic religious fanaticism based around a book found on Saidan Dathrohan’s corpse, the budding Truthful quickly went to work antagonizing anyone they could find, from the Forsaken to the Alliance of Stormwind.

Incredibly, the gambit worked; the level of belief and lack of any compromise whatsoever attracted zealots from across the Eastern Kingdoms, a feature unique to the Truthful compared to other such Scarlet splinter groups.

There was even a time when the desperate and impoverished in Westfall bought what the Truthful sold, latching onto the hope that they offered, even if it was only after death that it came.

At its peak, the so-called “Kingdom of the Light” stretched from Dragonblight all the way down to Westfall -- albeit with vast spaces in-between without a Truthful presence.

However, due to crackdowns on behalf of parties ranging from the Argent Crusade to Stormwind itself, the Truthful’s territory shrunk; they were pushed from New Hearthglen and the famed Scarlet Monastery, and were ousted from Westfall and Hillsbrad entirely. On all fronts, the supposed Light's kingdom shrank.

Even still, the Truthful push out, claiming territory in the Uplands of Alterac, and the forests of the Westweald.

Will the Truthful rise back to their former glory?

“Only the Light knows best.”

The Army of the Truthful has been around nearing two years! Thank you so much for all the support and interest by our friends and the server at large.

The Truthful started as an experiment to see what a less glorious and more desperate successor of the Scarlet Crusade would be like, and in many ways it still is.

As always, we are recruiting; if you would like to know more about the guild, here are some resources to get started:


For a list of officers to contact in-game:

Ostrick (GM)
I would rate this guild plenty good.
These guys are just gr8, i r8 them 8/8.

Seriously though, great guild of amazing people. And they even have the fun past time of burning things!
The Light will save you, Brothers.
What... what does the "T" mean in [T-RP].

Is it Triumphant? Tangible? Tropical? Tsunami? ... Is it food based? Tangerine? Tapioca? Tiramisu? It has to be food based. The Army of the Truthful is a bizarre food truck that doles out divine dinners with a side order of zealotry.

(I am just messing with you guys, you really do seem like a pretty chill lot!)
07/02/2017 11:41 PMPosted by Marionos
What... what does the "T" mean in [T-RP].
I was curious about this, too.

I like the Army of the Truthful. While a lot of "scarlet" guilds get a lot of guff, I've found that the RPers of the AotT -solely within my personal experience- are a good lot of folks, and I've only had good interaction with them, for the most part. :)
I don't RP with them much anymore. However; I've never had s bad encounter with anyone from this guild. Especially Ostrick.
Amazing people, fantastic officer core, great guild all around. Ergin lo ras Garde; Great is the Light.
A cornerstone in Scarlet Crusade roleplay; the Army of the Truthful has set the bar high for their quality stories, organization and development.

Ostrick is also one of the best designers around. Their website and public viewing material is top of the line.

Best of luck with recruitment!
I love these guys to death, and I find it so hilarious that one of the most applauded and loved guilds OOC

Is one of the most hated IC. It also speaks volumes to their ability and storytelling.
Great is the Light!
Truthful is as Truthful does.
*Harbors seditious thoughts.*
07/03/2017 05:24 PMPosted by Zaria
A cornerstone in Scarlet Crusade roleplay; the Army of the Truthful has set the bar high for their quality stories, organization and development.

Ostrick is also one of the best designers around. Their website and public viewing material is top of the line.

Best of luck with recruitment!

Took the words right out of this one's mouth...

Maffeo has observed this guild's story since it's first appearances...

Hence "The Interviewer" must proclaim: 20/10!

Keep up the good work!

Papa bless!

Sincerely, The Interviewer
This is the best guild! Beni is my best friend!!! Xd
It's great to see how you have progressed since before owning AotT up to now Ostrick, as well as the great contribution you've brought to the Moon Guard community that is your guild.

Working on some more machinima.
Every time I see someone looking for a Scarlet-themed guild, I send them your way~ ♥
Some of you guys I have known you for a long time on an ooc level and some Ic, you guys were always awesome and cool and fun to chat with back in the day.

However my mind was blown when I herd and seen you guys went, total Evil heretic like and I was sort of both upset and and distraught really, thinking "What the hell has become of these guys this isn't right", that had me thinking you all turned troll and grief er and I was unsure how to approach or speak to you guys and mainly did my best to keep my distance from all you, however then I found out what was going on.

I did however In my case had ultra rare encounters with the Truthful that were both entertaining and a tad crazy but sometimes a bit to much for my taste, still keep it up, this lull is killing me, I hope to see some new things pop up that are worth getting involved in!

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