LF old True blood of malkier <TBoM> Members

Mok'Nathal and Silvermoon
I was a member of the guild for a few years during TBC ( Floranar. Night Elf Shadow priest) just looking to find any old friends.
old tank back in the day till i transferred with some res guys to another server Dukone was the name then im back on server lvling a prot warrior to play with some casual old friends. I pretty fresh back and hella rusty
Connor/Taodru checking in. Hunter/Druid I just started playing legion a few months ago after some years off.
just checking in this is still dukone back at my old pally knocked off old rust but im ret now not prot im in a semi casual guild good times here but few members short of doing Mythic yet we are 11/11 H now tho feels good to be back in the swing of things
I'm still friends with Leard the nelf hunter
I know none of them. They seemed a well established group when I started playing and always seemed like nice people. So.. hello to them and sorry my post is of no value what so ever.

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