High skill cap specs?

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I've played druid for a long time, so I know very little about the other classes and specs outside of my own little class bubble. I'm looking to expand my horizons and make an alt to play a little bit on the side. I don't really care too much for what's FOTM or overpowered, as specs rise and fall every few months or so.

I'm looking for a spec (any role, I don't mind) with a relatively high skill cap. I'm not too big a fan of mashing the same two or three buttons, I'm looking for something with a fair amount of complexity. I like the idea of having to switch up my rotation and whatnot on the fly. I don't mind a little bit of RNG involved (i.e: fire mage), but I also wouldn't want a spec entirely dependent on RNG.

I know disc and feral are both fairly high on the skill cap spectrum, but I'm also looking for others as well!
WW Monk has a bit of variety to it if thats what you are looking for.
Roll a healer and heal pugs. Healers have a lot of variety rather than a set rotation. Healing pugs will find your skill cap and smash your face with it.
Heal as a disc priest.
Unholy DK
Feral Druid
Discipline Priest
Affliction Warlock
Subtlety Rogue
07/11/2017 06:48 PMPosted by Morgueart
Heal as a disc priest.


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