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07/19/2017 04:10 PMPosted by Khorlamahr
I use the Razer Tartarus and love it. Been using the hand pad for several years now. I have it keybind and only reason I use keyboard is to chat.

I have one myself, but I dislike that it is not an extension of keys rather than keys that are binded to your keyboard.
I use a Logitech G-13 game pad and a Elecom 6 button thumb track ball and I love it

I have easier access to my controls because they are all consolidated to a smaller area.

The only times I need the keyboard is for stuff like opening map , chat channels and alt-tabbing in and out of game

I have all key abilities as well as special action button key bound to them , I can target with them as well as mount up and talk in Discord .

All with my game pad and mouse.
I really like the Logitech G13 Gamepad and have used one for years.
I find it difficult to play WOW efficiently without it nowadays.
One of the first things i do when I get a new game, is configure the G13 for it.
I recently got a Logitech G610 Orion Brown mechanical keyboard and I'm really liking that as well.

Do you really need a Gamepad or a mechanical keyboard? Of course not, you can use a standard mouse and keyboard just fine.
However, gaming is hobby, and if you want to spend a little extra on enjoying your hobby, go for it.
Ok so I think stuck between the Logitech G13 Keypad or the Orbweaver Keypad...any insight from what I see I'm leaning more towards the G13, also a fan of Logitech got the G600 mouse (love it) and got a great speaker and subwoofer system from them...again like to know what this community thinks about the two. Curious to see how comfortable and easy/hard it will be to use the thumb analog for movement instead WASD
Nostromo for me, been using it since 2004.

Keybinds on keys, moving with the D-pad

Had the original Belkin (Grey and orange), then got the TE in 2008 (Blue backlit, powered by RAZER) and still using it to this day. The original one had no on-board memory, so I had to install the software for keybinds on every PC in the house.

Too bad it's discontinued...I'll have to get the over-priced Razer one when it breaks down, or get used to the Logitech G13's shape. There is lots of models out there that do not have D-pads, but I like using my thumb to move
I'm using an old Belkin version. The transition sucks but once you get used to it the thing is great. There is a serious problem with them that you should be aware of. After using it for a while if for some reason you do not have it available... There will be problems. Going back to the keyboard will be rough.

I like the Belkin and I think it's better than a regular keyboard for wow. I really like having the movement keys on the d-pad to control with my thumb. I sort of wish I had never bought it because now I have to stockpile the darn things.
If you got the desk space for a keyboard and keypad, then go for it.

I bought a gaming keypad a long time ago but stopped using it cause my desk isnt big enough. I use my PC for more than just games and i got tired of always moving my keyboard around whenever i wanted to use the keypad.

The keypad also takes time to get used to. Also since its smaller and lighter than a keyboard, its not as stable and moves a lot more.

Dont forget that if you move your keyboard away, you wont be able to text chat or write anything (ex. Searching for items on the AH)
07/20/2017 08:08 AMPosted by Kankura
Curious to see how comfortable and easy/hard it will be to use the thumb analog for movement instead WASD

On my G13, I found the thumb joystick to be useless. The button action is far too stiff to use regularly, and if you use it for movement (assuming it can be used to generate keystrokes, you can't run and jump over things because your thumb would be occupied with movement and unable to also hit the space button.

I even modified the stick by replacing the sharp-edged knob with a wide-flat pad, but it's still too hard to press for frequent use like jumping and upward flight.
I've been using a Logitech G13 keypad and a Razer Naga mouse for a long time, and I've been extremely happy with those choices. In fact, I've been using them for so long and used them so much that I'm on my second one of each, as I wore out the originals I had bought way back when.

In the past I've used a gaming keyboard, but that was when I only played FPS and some older RPG games. Once I started playing WoW, I decided to explore my options, and that G13 + Naga combo was the way to go.

These days I only use the keyboard to type out chat messages.
My post might sound like a hipster but after trying many gaming logitech keyboards, Gaming MMO mice, mechanical keyboards etc, right now I am simply using basic wireless keyboard and MX master mouse.

Mechanical keyboard - Yes, I have it and used it but the noise that it makes is so annoying. I do not see any special use it for game like wow. So long the keyboard has all keys and works well, I personally feel spending extra money on Mechanical keyboard is unnecessary. I know gaming community is very passionate about their mechanical keyboards but I don't agree with them.

MMO Mouse - I have used naga in the past - It is fine but then again I find mapping spells to my normal keyboard much better.

Gaming mouse - Though with WOW it might have a limited use, having a gaming mouse in general is good because it offers smooth operation and accurate tracking. So even if you are not gaming, a gaming mouse is useful.

Game pad - Just why? Just get a full keyboard. It has enough keys to map everything.

Gaming keyboard - I have used multiple in the past. Nice to look at but again my point remains the game. You can still map all keys to regular full sized keyboard. The gaming macro buttons are generally placed at positions which you will have to get used to as compared to your usual keyboard layout. No need at all.

Mouse pad - Yes, spend money here. A good mouse pad will make all the difference.

After having used almost everything related to gaming, I have resorted to basic stuff. Does the job very well and is inexpensive. But if you have an itch that you need to scratch, get a good full sized keyboard and mouse and pad.
I use a combo of a left handed Razer Naga Mouse and the Logitech G13 keypad on my right hand side (I'm a lefty that needs the mouse on the left, I trigger hard if I try to play with it on the right).

Anyways, I have all the keys I need mapped out on the keypad, I then have the bars (I use Elvui for this) arranged to mimic the general shape of the keypad itself. All of this is moved to the bottom center of the screen. I move with the mouse by holding both buttons. I have two of the keys set up for strafing only.

Been using the keypad for years though. I like having that area to rest my hand on.
07/19/2017 04:06 PMPosted by Kankura
Was looking into getting a Gaming Keypad but I figured why not ask the community on their thoughts between a Gaming Keypad or a Gaming Keyboard. Which do you run with or prefer ???

Personally I LOVE love love my mechanical Green Keyboard.
I had a Mechanical Red from Logitech that fell appar because it used plastic.

I did some poking and fell for a simplish CoolMaster Green. Some like the blue more Both feel fantastic

I have a buckling spring in storage someplace from Univeristy years and years and years ago. It's a OG just fun classic. That one needs a PS/2 to USB adapter to work. Amazon has a simillar one that for about 60 USD.

My keyboard was listed on amazon used as 'well loved and used" for about 50USD.
It rocks. I didn't get a 'gaming keyboard' their's a few varieties of the same KB I have. One with nice soft back lighting, and one with cool fun easyER to clean raised style borderless style.

Either way I love looove mechanical keyboards for just plain solid and fun to type on feel. Warning some cost a grip because for a while only one company in the world made the parts. Their patent finally experied and now other companies can make simillar parts and its helping the costs be sane.

My other absolute favorite keyboard was a logitich 110? because it also felt fantastic to use. And rocked as a just good ol fation keyboard.

Warning: Logitech stuff is a huge guess how well built they are and the better built ones aren't made. But they might be just fine.
I don't know what a keypad is. If you're talking about a gaming mouse, I'd say they're totally worth it for the following reasons:

1. If you're in the market for anything other than a dirt cheap mouse, you might as well kill two birds with one stone and get a totally slick gaming mouse, like a Logitech G600 or something. That way you benefit from the superior build quality (i.e., your mouse is less likely to crap out on before you've gotten years of use out of it) and you get the buttons. And the reason you'd want the buttons is...

2. If you don't have massive hands with fingers that can easily extend all the way from the left side of the keyboard to the 0, -, and = keys, and you don't want to do something weird like completely rebind everything on your entire keyboard to make it possible for you to easily and comfortably reach everything on your action bars, then a gaming mouse will take care of that whole issue. Because my thumb can effortlessly reach all twelve of these buttons on the side of my G600. And the buttons even feel kinda nice.554886312365458=-8613644796 that was me pressing the buttons at random

If you get a gaming mouse, you will remember to do things you've never done before, like cast Fear Ward on yourself, or Waterwalking. Everyone forgets that 100% of the time
Don't waste your time on anything labeled "Gamer". If you want a good keyboard, pick up a Ducky shine 5 or 6 and you will have one of the best quality RGB keyboards made.
I use a Nostromo N52te (now the Razer Orbweaver and Tartarus) instead of the keyboard thanks to a shattered left wrist that just doesn't let me do long time periods with my hand at that angle.

I love it. The learning curve is short, the angle and comfort are exceptional.
Before I started my personal Razer boycott over the quality of some of their products and absolutely craptastic customer service regarding same I used their MMO mouse and gamepad. I will say that while the Razer mice and headsets have very short lifespans their gamepad has excellent ergonomics and my wife still uses my old one with no problems.

I now use the Logitech G-600 MMO mouse and G13 gamepad. The gamepad isn't near as comfortable as the Razer but it does have more buttons to work with and so far is proving to be very durable. Between my mouse and gamepad the only reason I even touch my keyboard is for chat.
I use a Logitech G13 keypad with 25 buttons and a SteelSeries Rival 12 button mouse. Every ability, spell, and on-use effect has it's own button. At this point, I couldnt imagine playing any other way.
I use the Razer Anansi keyboard, Orbweaver pad, and Naga mouse.

With all the customization and controls you can do lots of fun things to change up your game play. I like using the thumbstick for general movement and all the buttons makes for busy hands and keybinds.

If they would make a gamepad for the right hand the ergonomics would get really awesome.
Razer Orbweaver Chroma is terrific. Nothing wrong with using synapse software, there is a Synapse 3 coming. I have a profile on Synapse for each Avatar class I play.

I started using the Belkin years ago. This one is superior and has extra row of buttons. It's my left hand and Naga Epic Chroma in right hand. Only use Black Widow Chroma keyboard in chat or esc button. My keyboard is swung to the right when playing and the mouse and Orbweaver on wide couch arms.

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