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Muradin and Nordrassil
Our Insanity is a PvP / Raiding guild on Alliance. Our focus is to provide a fun gaming environment while pushing rating and progressing raids. We formed at the end of Mists of Pandaria and quickly grew to be the top pvp guild on realm at the beginning of Warlords of Dreanor, including being in the top 10 of Alliance guilds for Rated Battlegrounds. We have currently have muti-season / multi-class gladiators within our ranks. For 7.2, we’ve expanded to doing PvE, drawing in the attention of experienced raiders and became the first 9/9H on realm.

Player vs Player
We are looking for players who enjoy player vs player and who currently play at a high level, or those who are willing to learn / put forth the effort. Furthermore, this would include players who enjoy occasional world pvp.

For raiding, we are looking for competent dps to join our mythic raiding team and/or people for our secondary raid team (backups to the mythic team). We will accept players who are currently not the best, but are looking to improve to a higher standard and want to maximize their potential.

All events occur around 8:30pm realm time (6:30 PST, 9:30 EST).
Sunday - Nothing officially
Monday - Nothing officially
Tuesday - Raiding
Wednesday - Rated Battlegrounds
Thursday - Nothing officially
Friday - Raiding
Saturday - Raiding

With being one of the smallest realms in WoW (roughly 2500 players), we are attempting to gather all our realm’s committed players to prove that realm population is irrelevant. Currently there are only three guilds that are in upper wing of H ToS, a single pvp guild, and few other normal raid guilds. We believe that our guild is the realms best chance at seizing realm first achievements and prevent them from being stolen from transfer guilds. In the end, where others have conceded, we have persevered. Where others have fallen, we will succeed. We are here, and we are determined.

If you’re interested, please whisper any guild member or you may send an in game mail to one of our admins:

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