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Join us live on Twitch Thursday, August 3, as we sit down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas for our next live developer Q&A. He’ll be answering many of your questions about the ongoing development of World of Warcraft!

Feel free to submit questions by posting here, in this thread, or via Twitter using the hashtag #LegionQA.

We’re really looking forward to getting the chance to dive in and answer as much as we can, so we hope to see you Thursday at 11:00 a.m. PDT!
Can we get Account bound prestige or at least lower the honor required? the grind is way to long and is very alt unfriendly considering you need more than 600,000 honor per character to unlock all the pvp tints.

Links to bigger thread discussions below.
Why does the Netherlight Crucible give random Traits? Also where is the "relic customisation" that was mentioned?

Adding random talents (even ifs the same relic it can have different talents) just adds more annoyance then depth. Players who already have a good relic will still roll on relics just incase it gives better talents. Whats worse is the only way to know what talents that relic gives is to go back to the Netherlight Crucible and preview it so whenever a relic drop the player who wins it will need to go back one by one to their Netherlight Crucible to check if the new Talents are good, then return if they are aren't.

Please rethink this.
Any final descisions on what is going to be done with transmogging artifact weapons after Legion? Are they all going to be ONLY acquirable for transmog during Legion?
Are there any plans to look into prestiege? At this time all prestige is, is a measure of how much free time a player has to PvP. And if a player does not have a lot of free time they may not get a chance at some of the prestige rewards like artifact weapons. This is especially true if players have many alts.
Are there any plans on changing the Warlock Affliction T21 bonuses? In T20, the bonuses were focused towards a Drain Soul playstyle, however they were later changed to discourage that playstyle. There's also the issue that they are counter-intuitive to how the spec works. Why would I be channeling Drain Soul during a multi-target fight?
Not exactly a 7.3 question but....Is there any talk about adding Ensemble sets to profession gear? i'd like all the crafted gear transmog but I don't want to deal with all the gear.
What is your design intention for Elemental Shaman in regards to single target boss damage and survivabilty? This spec suffers greatly in both areas and has been sat in many mythic progression guilds due to these drawbacks.
Are there any plans to reduce Beast Mastery's reliance on the Tier 19 2-set and/or buff BM to do competitive dps?
Is there work being done or plans to fix the Druid class mount or to make it usable in more content?

It's frozen AFK animation is embarrassing. Also, the fact that druids lose their class mount in 7.3 and in the next expac until path finder is achievable feels really bad for druids.
Are there new prestige levels in 7.3 for seasons 5-7? No new achieves/levels on the PTR as yet, but if so, are the last 2 coursers going to be rewards (especially the midnight courser)?
07/31/2017 10:33 AMPosted by Kimmiroa
Is there work being done or plans to fix the Druid class mount or to make it usable in more content?

It's frozen AFK animation is embarrassing. Also, the fact that druids lose their class mount in 7.3 and in the next expac until path finder is achievable feels really bad for druids.

To add to this, are you considering adding a perch animation and freeing up the colours to not depend on race?
Can the Troll Darkspear have a NEW CHIEFTAIN now?

Can we have a real capital too... I mean the Echos Isles are great but it's not a real capital. Same thing for Bilgewater harbor.

C'MON! PLEASE! PLEAAAAASE! Can you give some love to the Darkspear Tribe please...

Can we go on the darkspear isle ... someday?

Will ogre became an playable race for the horde

New battlgrounds incoming?
Monk has been the lowest played class for years and bugs occur due to no one testing, could you make it start at 85?
We've seen a bit of the nether crucible on PTR; is most of it set in stone or subject to change? Bit worried about the massive amount of RNG that it entails. Will there be mechanisms to curtail this -- i.e. can't roll 2x of the same relic trait on one relic, and can't roll upgrade on non-throughput traits?

Reminds me a bit of the scrapped double trait relics from NH, but without some of the proposed "safeguards" the old system was supposed to have.
Are there going to be any promised major rotational changes to demon hunter?
Mail and leather share agility while cloth has intellect and plate has strength as primary stat, could you change agility on Mail to dexterity?
Can you provide some information about how the legendary drop system works right now? What counts, what doesnt, etc. Some patch ago you changed the AP drop from raids to be 1 per boss across all difficulties except LFR, when you did that, did you also remove the legendary drop chance from bosses you already killed?

As players, we feel obliged to farm every difficulty to get more legendary % so that we can finally get 1 or 2 of the legendaries we want. Do new bosses give more chance?.

I understand that you wont give a detailed explanation of the system here but you have changed it so much since 7.1 that it would be nice to have a recap of how it works now.
Do you feel like PVE utility for DPS is improperly balanced or was the design intention simply for some classes to not have as much to offer to the group?

Do you have any plans to take a look at PVE utility for DPS in regards to what each class/spec can offer to a raid team outside of damage?
When can we expect patch 7.3?

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