<Tyrannical> [A] 5/8 M 2 Day Recruiting DPS

Guild Recruitment
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Is there a great mage out there?
Still filling the last couple ranged spots.
Mage requested!
Exceptional ret considered.
Still searching for a great ret pally.
A couple of DPS spots are open. Apply at our site!
g'huun down!
Space for a couple dps, especially

* Warlock
* Boomkin
* Spriest
* Warrior
* WW Monk
Zek'voz down!
Making good progress on Vectis. Still room for a couple of DPS!
Vectis down!
WW Monk high prio!
Fetid down. Warlock needed!
Currently considering all high parsing DPS classes
Holy Pally or WW Monk high priority

Considering exceptional Tank or DPS

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