9/11M LF Ranged

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Join Umbra. Kill all the things! Win at WoW. Apply today!
Do you like progression? Do you like over the top antics and crazy stories? Then look no further than the late night sensation of EKs very own team umbra!
Umbra is still recruiting. Apply today and join in on the action!
Come check out this weekend team with an amazing lead section and great players!
Umbra has what it takes to be cutting edge this tier. If you do too apply today and get on the forefront of raiding!
Umbra is still looking for a few more raiders to fill out their roster. Apply today and join this awesome group of people as they kill more bosses in Mythic Antorus!
Hey all you out there looking to raid at the highest level. Umbra is your weekend solution to do that. Apply today and start high level weekend raiding!
Umbra continues to look for a few more raiders to round out their roster for Mythic Antorus. Apply today!
Umbra is working hard to push through Antorus. Apply today and join some of Azeroth's finest!
Congrats to Umbra on going 6/11M! Looking for a great group of folks to raid with? Apply today!
Awesome job Umbra 6/11 way to go! Keep pushing for 11/11 we know you can do it! All those interested Umbra has a few slots open!
Umbra is recruiting skilled raiders for their advanced progression team. Apply and see what they are all about!
Umbra has got what it takes! Do you? Apply today and find out!
Umbra continues to push into Mythic Antorus, they're now 8/11! Keep up the good work! Want to join in their awesomeness? Apply today!
Umbra is still recruiting for their elite weekend team. Apply on the website and join Umbra!
Congrats to Umbra on your mythic Varimathras kill! Only three more bosses to go!
Umbra is going all the way. sign up and help Umbra make a last push to glory!
Umbra is still at it, and needs raiders to help fill out their roster. Apply today!
Umbra needs raiders to works towards clearing mythic. If you want this exciting opportunity apply for Umbra!

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