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Frostmane, Ner'zhul, and Tortheldrin
Hello everyone,

I am a returning dps DH that stopped playing for a few months shortly before NH dropped. I managed to clear EN on normal with a few heroics. Unfortunately I had to stop playing for a few months and am now looking at returning.

Currently, I am looking for any type of raiding guild that could use a melee dps DH.

A little bit of history is that I have played this game on and off from vanilla and have had experience with all vanilla context up to Naxx, all TBC content (fought Vashj pre nerf), all WoTLK content (managed to clear all of ICC), most of Cata, half of Mists, and I didn't raid during WoD.

My experience has been on all three roles, main tanking, off tanking, raid healing, and melee dps (no ranged dps experience). I also was an officer for a few of my guilds.

My currently schedule only allows me raid in the evening after 10 CST.

I am looking for any type of raiding guild as that is where I find the most fun in this game and I don't mind transferring, but prefer to stay Horde.

My gear right now is a little under par due to my absence, but I am in the process of trying to gear up as soon as possible (legendary drops permitting).

Please contact me in in game I am on the Ner'Zhul server or add my battle tag which is Sight # 1274.

Thanks for looking I appreciate it.

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