One-line tips for new priest

Lev cancelaura

/cast levitate
/cancelaura levitate

press once you lev 2nd time it cancels
always wear a dress.
Don't give up.
Keep the faith.
Always be casting.
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Shadow: haste> all. Pick auspiciuos spirits or san'layn based on your gear

What should I take into account to make that choice? I'm guessing lots of crits = AS?

Always take AS.
Roll a Mistweaver
Take renew off your bars.
How soloable are SPriests? For example, can you solo the Broken Shore elites? SPriest is that class I've always wanted to like, but just never really gotten around to trying. Still not sure if I can get past the real lack of AoE.
I can solo them ez as disc
Some are ez to solo as shadow priest with a little work. A few I haven't figured out and just group or wait for someone else to start attacking.
Add /say lines to your macros

/say Through the power of the Light I return your soul to your body!
/say The priest Amalafrida lifts you from the earth.
/say I cleanse you of disease through the power of the Light. (Remove for instances or people will grow tired of it.)
Strangely enough i dont seem to get targeted much in bgs. So dot em all up and let the void take over.

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