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So I was having breakfast with the whole WoW dev team, yea I know I'm really lucky.

We were eating some gluten free croissants and drinking some fresh apricot juice and they told me everything about the next expansion:

World of Warcraft - Rise of the Gnomes

You heard right. RotG is our next adventure peeps. Every single hint we got pointing toward the Void lords, the South Seas, Azshara, the Return of LK, blabla, all placed there to confuse us.

The only legit hint was the introduction of Gnome Hunters and we completely missed it.

Bolvar wakes up from a nightmare (N'Zoth) and we realize he's possessed and has now a mission "Attain Gnomeregan and join the 5th Old God "Gno'mish'Arj" to destroy the world! (He used to sleep under Tirisfal but used the Vindicar to teleport to Dun Murogh).

Our mission is to stop them by using the power of all Gnomes combined "The Gnomish Goldheart" which can be obtained by traveling the whole world on foot 5 times and gathering 2 trillion gold each (even forgotten level 1 alts on forgotten accounts).

No new races this time; every character is turned into a gnome. You can choose between Lepper Gnomes, Robotic Gnomes, Sand Gnomes, or Snowy Gnomes. Every class is replaced by a new class; Tinker, at max level.

Level cap:
150. At level 150 you unlock a prestige system to level 50 prestige which unlocks you the Fire Gnome subrace, with purple eyes and chicken wings.

New continent:
Gnomeregan. Under the surface of Gnomeregan, a huge labyrinth full of evil Gnomes waiting for strangers to kill. The labyrinth is separated into 54 different zones, each the size of Nomi's kitchen.

New holiday:
Gnome Day and Winter Veil Island (full of Winter Veil Gnomes)

New profession:
Scientist, learn the ways of the Gnome and finally own your own lab!

New system:
Path of the Mechanical God. Learn to use all sorts of inventions to survive on Azeroth and beyond since your spells are all gone at max level!
To level through this new system you need grind all sorts of new quests added to the game. Blizz learned from dailies and WQs, they don't want to repeat the same mistakes thrice... we're getting World Dailies which is the perfect combination of both!

Return of the Gnomes, I can't believe we fell for all the other leaks!
Where's the punt a gnome festival? I'm not buying it.
I too also ate breakfast this morning with the Dev Team and when asked when they would share details about the next expansion they said:

Guewergues, did you write this on company time? >:[

Get back to work!
I liked the Waterlords of Drain-O better.
Sounds great, the Blizz devs have outdone themselves yet again.

One question tho - if I select to go with robotic gnome, when I unlock the fire gnome subrace, will I then be playing a flaming robotic gnome?


P.S. Just realized a HUGE flaw with this new expansion. When I go to make my bountiful buckets of hot buttered gnome toes, I'll need to weed out all the robotic gnome toes, lest I start chipping my teeth. But I suppose that problem could be solved if they introduce a new engineering item that can extract all the robotic gnome toes, say with a strong electromagnet or something.
As a gnome I would be excited to play Rise of the Gnomes! For Gnomeragan! :D
I do so hope you flicked some egg at them :)
Rise of the Gnomes, huh?

How far would they rise up to? 2 feet? 3 feet?
What's a snowy gnome, and where are our vampires
08/16/2017 08:37 PMPosted by Weewinky
As a gnome I would be excited to play Rise of the Gnomes! For Gnomeragan! :D

No! For Nazjatar! The shrinkage of the land races makes the surface dwellers vulnerable! Azshara will prosper!!
08/16/2017 09:10 PMPosted by Waternebula
What's a snowy gnome, and where are our vampires

I am.

I am a Snowy gnome.
08/16/2017 02:44 PMPosted by Guewergues
gluten free croissants

you had me until this

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