<Raven Guard> 2/11 H H LFM T/W 8-11PM EST

Guild Recruitment
<Raven Guard> is looking for more raiders! We raid Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 8-11 PM EST (server). Thursday night same times, is optional for farm.

Our GM and AGM started this guild with the mindset that, all players can become good raiders with the proper help and guidance. We both have previous raid tier experience thru all of WoW. Our GM has been raiding since Molten Core, has experience with all raid tiers, and has been apart of just about all beta, and alpha stages of this game. Our AGM has been raiding since Wrath, with a small break thru Cata, coming back to raiding in Pandaria. Both GM and AGM have raided together since BRF, and have experience with Mythic progression, both as a team and together in previous guilds.

We are looking to build a team around the mind set that all players can be raiders. We believe that anyone can raid, despite their numbers on the charts. We do not feel a low dps should be penalized, if they know the mechanics or the fights, don't stand in "buff fire", or anything else can be a detriment to a good dps. We want to build our team around players that enjoy the game, want to raid,
and have fun doing so. As such, we will be willing to help in anyway possible to get our raiders to achieve what they are after (better DPS, better healing thru-put, better survivalbilty as a tank), by any means we can. Run dungeons, lfrs, mythic+ to help our team be better players/raiders.

Our focus in looking at potential raiders will be to look for people that can do mechanics, above all other aspects. Our current core raiders are all will and able to help work on rotations, stats, etc, to help bump dps for potential recruits.

Raid Team Goals

Our main focus and goal thru this expansion, is to have fun raiding, and to encourage our raiders to enjoy themselves as well. We want to eventually have a full Mythic progression team, and be able to clear full Mythic. However we are realistic in thought that it will take awhile to build that Mythic clear team. So for now, we are looking to start with a small 10 man team, to pursue normal clears, and Heroic progression. As the guild grows, we are hoping to achieve that Mythic Progression/ Clear team.

Addons, Consumables, Chat

Our raid team will be asked to get, or have already installed, the following add-ons:
DBM or BigWigs

As a guild, we have the capability to provide the following:
Vantous Runes

These will be provided with the understanding that as a raider, you are willing to help support the guild crafters with materials needed to make the above items. As long as these materials are available, the guild will provide for our raid team. We believe that all raiders should have the ability to have what is needed to be the best possible raider they can be, but we also know that endless hours farming
can be tedious, so all raiders are asked to help restock the guild as needed.

Chat will be done thru Discord, so please have the ability to use this chat system. A working headset and mic will be needed for each raid.

In short, we want to build a guild to have fun, eventually progress, and enjoy this game we all play!

If you have any questions, want to join, or chat about anything else to do with the guild, feel free to reply here or message us in game :)

GM- Zeerek#1116
Co-GM (Recruitment Officer)- Deliahshadow#1586
In need of ranged dps still, also looking for 1 heals
still looking for pally or priest heals and 1-2 dps, range preferred but any strong dps will be considered!
Posting here to remind myself to follow up regarding your HPally position.

Thanks! Sindustry#1215
Still looking to add a few ranged, and melee dps to our team!
Still in need of DPS for our growing team! message here or in game for more info or questions!
Still looking, hoping to find some solid DPS, any will be considered if can make times and days!
Looking for melee dps to join our team!
Looking to add 1 heals and melee still to our team, can post here, or add me to chat!
Still looking to add a solid healer to our team, in need of a monk, Priest, or druid healer!
! priest heals, anyone out there??? :P Feel free to add for more information!

Still looking to add a priest healer, disc or holy is fine, and possibly a dps or 2, melee is highly preferred!
In need of a mage, melee dps, and possible heals. Message for more info!
In need of a Mage, S Priest, Lock, for our team to push into Argus!
Still in need of a Lock and a Mage to join our ranks!
Still need a lock or mage, and a healer for our team! Raiding tonite, trials will be welcome to come in, just add me on btag, and we can chat :)
Raid week done for us, but have a normal alt run, anyone welcome to join us for trial! In need of a Mage and lock, as well as a healer or tank with a viable dps os. Any will need to be at least 915 ilvl. Feel free to contact in game or here, for more information!
Looking to add 1 more lock or mage, along with 1 healer with viable dps OS :)

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