Tank LFGuild Normal/Heroic Progression

Guild Recruitment
Adult player looking for a casual fun raiding guild.

Also open to faction / server changes

Preferred Raid Days Tuesday- Thursday 6pm PST but open to most other time slots and days.

Previous experience in past expansions is as a hardcore progression raider but looking to take things a bit slower and enjoy the expansions and content rather than burn out and not have fun.

Reply or add me Ankhbar#1900 I would like to hear from those out there seeking a loyal player.

PS - Probably will have 2 DPS also looking to join as a package deal possibly
BM Hunter and DH - Both 910+ ilvl prob closer to 920
Are you looking to experience content with a solid group, but you don't have the time or desire for Mythic raiding? We might be a great fit!

<Condescending> on Zul'Jin is recruiting for normal and heroic mode raiding.
Current progression is: 8/9H ToS. (All other tiers finished AotC).
Flex raids mean you always have a raid slot.
The guild provides all raid consumables.

Raid times:
Tuesday and Thursdays, 8:00PM - 11:00PM EST. Only six hours a week (often less once fights are on farm).
Sunday evenings we often hold optional Alt raids.

Recruitment needs:
Tank: Druid, Monk, DK
ranged: Boomkin, Mage, Shadow Priest, Warlock.
Melee: Rogue.

The above are preferences, but everyone should feel free to reach out.
We are always happy to have more casual players of any spec around to do mythic+ runs and hang out.
We ask that you join us in Discord during raids, at least to listen.
Perform reasonably for your gear level in Normal and Heroic raid content. Looking for 910-915 ilvl ideally.
Our raid schedule is light, so we ask that you try to make raids whenever possible. We of course realize things come up sometimes.

Westdoteren-Zul'jin (battle tag: Westvleteren#1524).
Yasz-Zul'jin (battle tag: Yas#11724)
I thought you might be interested in our guild! Unfortunately we don't need a mainspec tank so I understand if that's a deal breaker but we are desperate for a holy paladin and your friends would be more than welcome as well, and would be able to raid in the same Tues/Thurs time slot if you're interested. If there's any way I can convince you to at least give us a shot please contact me!

About Us
<Rum Runners> is a Horde social semi-casual guild on Aggramar/Fizzcrank [PVE] US. Our demographic largely includes college age players and working adults; we are flexible and understanding about real life issues and focus on clearing heroic content each tier at a comfortable, relaxing pace. Our players enjoy spending time together in Discord even when not playing World of Warcraft; our text channels are generally active during the day while players are at work waiting to escape back to the comfort of Azeroth.

What We Offer
- Active Discord community (including during off-hours)
- Guild events with prizes (scavenger hunts, transmog competitions, cooking competitions and more)
- Organized support system for improving gameplay
- Guild M+, transmog and achievement runs
- Enchants, gems, flasks and potions for raid mains; feasts and repairs for progression nights
- New website (still in development)! www.rumrunners.club

What We Want
- Players looking to be part of a growing community, whether to raid, level or dungeon
- Players with a positive attitude who are respectful toward others
- Players who may not have the time or drive for mythic raiding, but still want to succeed each tier

Current progression in Tomb: 9/9 N, 4/9 H (current progression on heroic)
Two raid teams + Wednesday night farm night (7-9:30p Eastern)
- Blackflag – Fri/Sat 7-9:30p Eastern
- Dauntless – Tues/Thurs 9-11:30p Eastern

Blackflag – Recruiting only 1-2 flex DPS (require solid healing or tank offspecs), considering tank applicants
Dauntless – Recruiting for all DPS specs, need a holy paladin or resto druid
Always accepting social/non-raiding applicants

How to Join
To join the guild please read our charter and fill out an application at www.rumrunners.club/apply. For more information, contact Stormlight-Fizzcrank in game or at Battle.net tag Poros#1412, or on Discord, Lisa/Stormlight#0819 for a more immediate response.
A two-week trial process is required to verify the new member fits in with our community.
Hi Ohmesoholy, <Last Pull> located on the Proudmoore server, Alli side is looking for a few reliable raiders. We're an experienced, friendly group currently 5/9 heroic & 9/9 normal ToS. We raid on Tues & Wed from 6pm to 9pm Pacific time. Add Tiffin#11683 or our GM Hoob#11345 to learn more. TY for your time!
Spark Industries is now recruiting to ramp up and round out the team for heroic ToS progress and on into mythic. The team is led by raiders that are 3/10m and currently 3/9h ToS. We weren't happy with the current state of things and the place we were in, raiding stopped being enjoyable and we didn't want to be with the people we were with. So we decided to build our own home and cultivate a community that spans not only this game2 but others as well to take in like-minded individuals just like you!

For the people who love M+ we want you as well since we do too, and understand how difficult pugging can be. Spark Industries is also open for those of you who just want to jump in and hang out or merely want company.
With the mission statement done, here are the main objectives and needs of Spark Industries: semi hardcore group on area 52 just for fun with intent to progress into ToS mythic while pushing mythic+ keys. The loot system is epgp, with personal being implemented during normal and alt raids.

Recruitment needs:
Range dps (high)
Melee dps (high)
healer (low)
Tank (low)

For recruits please be max level and have your weapon unlocked for the 10% damage. Gear really isn't that big of a deal since it’s not hard for us to gear people with M+, and just raiding on alts to make it so who ever we are getting gear for has the most options in a raid.

For more information or if you want to talk add sparkytiz#1491 or Key#12360.
House of Zug: Tues/Thurs (5:30-9:00 pm PST) Heroic Raiding Guild

Who we are: We're a two night heroic progression guild that's been going since 2011 on US-Silvermoon. Most are professionals of some sort, who appreciate everyone's time but want to get things done. Have yet to miss an AOTC, and have numerous members willing/capable of handling +15 Mythic dungeons.

Check us out at www.houseofzug.com or contact me on bnet Iridin#1658

Extraordinary Raiders. Real Progression. Casual Schedule.
House of Zug (est. May 24, 2011) is a progression-focused Warcraft raiding guild, operating within a two-night weekly schedule. We offer efficient, fun progression to professionals, students, and parents with exceptional skills and limited gaming availability.

House of Zug has raided uninterrupted since establishment and maintains the highest standards of professionalism and transparency. Our officers are real-life managers and professionals who volunteer their exceptional leadership skills to deliver a fun, mature, and productive gameplay experience for our members.

Please visit our website to see the dedication and passion of our community.
Live chat with an officer at www.houseofzug.com

Website: www.houseofzug.com
Contact: Iridin#1658
Realm: US-Silvermoon (PVE)
Faction: Horde
Timezone: US-Pacific Coast
Raid Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays. 5:15 PM - 9:00 PM (Pacific)
Loot System: EPGP


Even though we are progression focused, House of Zug is a relaxed and fun-loving community. We work together to improve and accept fair and respectful criticism when appropriate. We love to joke during farm content, but during progression, expect clear, calm, and direct communication. Average member age is 25 to 45—many of whom have families and full-time careers outside of the guild.

House of Zug believes in a shared approach to raiding. Our members actively participate in events and community discussions and work with the raid leaders both inside and outside of raiding to form and improve upon our tactics. Our guild forums are heavily utilized, and all members are encouraged to take up leadership roles within the community. ​

House of Zug is a long-standing guild that has run uninterrupted since inception. We enjoy extremely low turnover, and our members rarely burnout due to our lightweight schedule. We respect your time by always starting and ending raids according to schedule. ​​

House of Zug fits a perfect niche in the raiding community. As a two-night guild, we attract many top-tier players who cannot commit to the unforgiving schedule of a server-first raid team. Moreover, as a flexible guild, our members do not have to feel like they are letting down their team by missing a raid night every once in awhile.

We treat Warcraft like a sport. Sports are games and should be fun. However, they also require discipline and teamwork. Although we only raid seven hours per week, we give 100% during that window. Raids are well-paced and efficient. Our raiders understand that their responsibility to the team stems beyond raid times.

Our website and forums are dedicated to providing raiders the resources necessary to take their game-play to the next level. When the officers give feedback, it is specific and factually-based. House of Zug prioritizes improvement and attitude above all else and promotes a culture that rewards mechanics over out-of-context meters.

House of Zug never rejects members based on raid performance, gear, or skill--only attitude. Any applicant who shares our values and vision is a welcome member of House of Zug. If an applicant does not currently meet the requirements to raid with the Progression Team, our officers will work with him or her to outline the specific areas for improvement needed to participate in high-end raids. If you are willing to put in the work, you will eventually make the team!

We respect the time, diversity, and integrity of every player and will not tolerate those who do not. Our officers combine over 25-years guild and raid leadership to bring you the best possible gaming experience which does NOT include yelling, name-calling, or other nonconstructive forms of communication. ​

House of Zug runs a transparent guild. Every policy, action, system, and event is clearly posted on the website. Upcoming and changing policies are discussed in our Guild News feed and posted to our mobile chat room on GroupMe and Facebook page.

Visit Our Website & Apply

We are an Adult Casual guild looking for a few good players to do Normal and heroic Progression. Monday & Thursday 7 - 9 PST. Contact me on Bnet if you have questions. Abdullah#1596
DOJO is currently recruiting a full-time tank position, and is always open to good DPS of any class/spec! We are currently 8/9H, and were 3/3 AotC last tier. We raid Tues/Wed/Sun 8:45-11:30. Most of our raid team is older, and our raid times reflect fitting around a full time job! We have players new to the game, up to "retired" top-level players stepping back into a more relaxed playstyle.

Currently recruiting for heroic, with our eyes set on mythic if we get enough players!

Our current priority is a full time tank, but all good players are considered. Also looking for dps with heal/tank offspec.

Join us as we go for our fourth AotC this expansion!

<DOJO> raids Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday with invites at 8:45, pulling 9-11:30 ET/Server. The guild is mature, and understands that life happens, and attendance isn't always 100%. We are laid back while maintaining solid progression, and know when to get serious. We use Discord for voice, and have a website at dojoguild.com.

Message me in game or at Domie#11601 for more information, or apply at our website (dojoguild.com)!
Thanks for the responses thus far... Bumping in hopes for more opportunity.
Hey Ohme,

If you are looking for a super casual guild we might fit. We raid wed/thurs 9-11pm est. 7/9 heroic almost have avatar. Most of us were former hardcore raiders, but with life and families now there isn't as much time, some only log on to raid, some miss weeks, and that's all fine. We just like raiding with people. We are always looking for more people to play with. If that sounds like more of what your looking for you can hit me up or drop an app on the website crimsoneye.net.

Sargeras[A] Pledge of Insanity

About us

Pledge of Insanity is a guild on Sargeras(Alliance). Our progression is :
Tier 19 : 7/7M, 2/3M, 9/10M
Tier 20 : 9/9N, 9/9H

Raid time

Tuesday/Thursday 6PM to 9PM CST (Need to be online 10 minutes before raid).

website : http://poiguild.ca/
Btag: Invisy#1645, gray#1121, andrew#1627 or mat#11420

You can apply on the site, and if you have any questions feel free to add us. Our goal is cutting edge on a light schedule and semi-hardcore mentality. We have core spots open.
Guild Name : Open Heart Wound on Hyjal (Horde)

Guild Type : Semi-Casual

Raid Times :

Wednesday and Saturday 6-9 pm (server time)(pst and pve)

1 Tank
Mix of dps, ranged and some melee.

We are currently 8/9 and 4/9 ToS. Item level is not a issue showing up and having fun is more important.

If you want to chat more add my bnet Jaxvier@11559.
<Safe Space> Recruiting Tanks, Dps, and Healers.

About us:

Horde on blackdragonflight

We are a small guild of some IRL friends that made the guild and are looking for other wanting to raid in a relaxed environment with the intent to go to mythics if we get the 20 people needed.

We raid Tuesday/THursday from 9 pm-12pm EST. We are currently 8/9H for TOS.

If you are looking for a possible merge you can message me as well and we can see if it is beneficial for both groups we dont mind server transferring as well.

Looking for:

Tanks: if you rather dps and be a tank back up that is okay.

Dps: range or melee either one will work out in the end.

Healers: Prefered shaman, Priest. but not particularly picky on it we have a druid and paladin right now.

Would also be great if your around 910 ilvl with concordence or close to getting to it.

any further questions feel free to add me fezzx721#1212

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