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Howdy folks, Thom here from MG wanting to post at y'all super quick about something that you may (Or may not find important.) Ever year we host an event called Tournament of Ages or ToA for short. It's a community organized event hosted by guilds and individuals where people get together to have fun, roleplay as a community as partake in events such as PvPing, Jousting, Marmot Ball (A personal favourite.) and a whole other myriad of things, such as raffles pet battles, Hearthstone and the most important thing, Roleplay.

However this year unlike any other year ToA has been wracked with problems due to sharding. What was once packed to the brim with people playing with one another is now people segregated to their own little piece of the Argent Tournament Grounds unable to truly interact with one another unless they're in a raid group. That doesn't solve anything though, when groups are still unable to see other groups. That's how big this is, when 40 people isn't enough!

I'm simply here not on the behalf of the organizers, but on the behalf of the RP community. If you could show your support to the main thread on the forums, which can be found here: it would be greatly appreciated! Just a simple comment can go a long way in the hopes that we the RP community can get back to doing what we enjoy without having to jump through hoops to do so.

Hope so see you soon at the Tournament of Ages!
I posted for you, here's hoping this helps you out.

Sharding sucks, especially when it impedes on Roleplay.
Anything helps bro! The support is appreciated! Spread the word!

Left a message; will keep posting every once in a while to ensure it gets noticed.
Every little bit helps! the support is greatly appreciated! Spread the word, lets ride this forum train right to Ion's desk!

Oh man! This is a shame! Posting. ToA has always been something pretty cool, even admired from afar!
Thanks for the support! Every little bit counts my friend! Lets enjoy what the RP community really like without having to jump through arbitrary hoops! Spread the word!


I think we should continue pinging that thread to see if we can get other older zones hot fixed as well. It would be a major boon to RP if we can get the devs to remove sharding in old world areas.
This was a great thread to read.
Wow, that is major. Great stuff guys!! The event also sounds sweet :D
Would those of us from WrA be able to attend? Assuming we would have to be pulled over..
Hello from Moon Guard! Thank you for the show of support. We disallowed WRA in previous years due to sharding issues, but now with the recent changes made by Blizzard we could reopen ToA to all RP servers as a crossrealm event. Although it's too late to sign up for any competitions this year, you're welcome to drop in!
The video I saw says August 6. Is this event over?
What time zone are the events listed on the site?
08/09/2017 09:46 AMPosted by Mayshke
What time zone are the events listed on the site?

Central. Event ends Saturday.

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