LFR Bosses all dead

Bug Report
Many LFR bosses are all dead at the beginning of the lfr before anyone even leaves the starting area, there is no trash. Sort it out
Just encountered this as well
Can confirm, got into a lfr that was completed already. More people kept joining it as well.
Three times this happened in different LFR wings. The last one gave my husband and I deserter debuff. We can't kill the boss, it's already dead..... so thanks for the debuff. >.> Guess it's not like instances are working right now anyway.
Same here
Same also happened as well, I also got the deserter debuff too.
Just happened to me three times in a row. The last time gave me deserter debuff.
Happened to me 3 times, in all the wings. All bosses are down, and the game keeps queing it as a fresh group.
just happened to me two times in a row as well also got the debuff
This is getting ridiculous. TWO in a row, and then it gives me the deserter debuff. The entire 2nd raid was complaining about this.
Just happened to me on my mage. Twice in a row.
It also happened to me. I have limited time to play. I log in and join the LFT, and get into an instance where everything is dead, when i leave it gives me the deserter buff. not cool !!!!! That is wasting my time and the money i spend to play here !!!
Can confirm it DOES give you deserter if you leave so i guess just sit in there or something
happened to my Hunter & Shaman more then once & got flagged as Deserter!! really annoying, Please fix this Blizz

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