RBG Fight Night

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This will stir controversy. I'll make it short. I am hosting a rated battleground series on livestream (bailamos) on August 25th 7 PM EST. It is not a tournament. It is an exhibition series between two top, organic, highly-practiced rated battleground teams: Bailamos and Datacus.

Most of the time, we do not stream our high rated games, but, I've decided to open them up on this night. This will be my second series vs. Datacus in as many years. The last one ended in extremely close fashion.

The intensity will be off the charts. It has nothing to do with money. It's for the love of the game. That's all the news. I plan to keep on hosting future "RBG Fight Nights". Some new compositions and strategies have been floating around. This best of seven series will set the record straight.

As for rules: Well, isn't that what we have this forum thread to discuss?
Best of Seven Series
Loser Picks Map
Flexible compositions: whatever you think is best for each map.
Roster Lock on the midnight of August 18th.
Three Minute Stream Delay.
Teams must remain "organic".
Fifteen player roster limit.

Let me know if people have additional suggestions.
I'd watch it. Will it be saved in case we can't watch at that time?
08/07/2017 08:47 AMPosted by Jugaa
I'd watch it. Will it be saved in case we can't watch at that time?

Yes, and, I won't be the only one streaming. Lots of people on both teams will be. I can post their streams later when they make them available to me and submit themselves to a three minute delay.
Any other teams participating in the future?
08/07/2017 08:52 AMPosted by Oceanmvp
Any other teams participating in the future?

Yeah that'd be ideal.
^That's sethcurry / thegalant windwalker monk. He's currently the highest aggregate player in the world from the three brackets. He's also qualified for regionals already and will be participating in our upcoming RBG Fight Night™.

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