[A]<Style> 6/11M T/W 7-10pm CST DPS!

Guild Recruitment
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Hey there! <Style> is a 2 night raiding guild on Sargeras-US. We raid 7-10pm CST (Sargeras server time) Tuesday and Wednesday nights. We are 6/11M ANT and are looking for more skilled players to help us progress further into Mythic content.

Current recruitment needs are as follows.

Immediate raid spot for a DPS!

~Lock, Monk, MM Hunter ~

Exceptional DPS

Regardless of class/spec, if you feel like you are an exceptional player, we would love to hear from you!

What we expect from our raiders:
* Attendance. Attendance is critical for a set 20 man group. We understand that life happens, but raiders should strive for 100% attendance.
* Punctuality. We are 2 day, 6 hours a week raiding guild and every minute we can spend on progression matters.
* Extensive class knowledge and knowledge of raid mechanics.
* The desire to constantly want to improve and maximize your character's stats.
* A good attitude towards raiding, your fellow guild members, and in general. Besides having a roster of skilled players, the biggest thing we pride ourselves on is our fun, friendly and social environment.

<Style> was originally formed by a close-knit group of friends, who want to raid at high levels while maintaining a fun and social environment. We are serious when we need to be, but also have no room for toxic players or drama. We all are very active outside of raid nights, having Thursday night heroic clears, and mythic+ groups running around the clock. If this environment sounds like something you would be interested in, we would love to hear from you!

Please add any of our officers if you're interested in joining or have additional questions!

Mehmonkey - Officer: NoelT#11255
i know my abc's
i also know how to count
come and join <Style> today!

(only if you can count)

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