Concordance Bug

Bug Report
Trying to upgrade to level 4 concordance of the Legionfall. Requires 1.1 billion AP. My weapon (Felo'melorn) is showing I have 1,110,530,739 - which unless I have become math dumb - is 1.1+ billion yet the concordance button red and not click-able.
The number in the artifact UI and the tooltip over the artifact power bar truncates when it hits large numbers. Which means that the number could be as high as 1,199.999,999 for an upgrade and still show 1.1b.

You can see the exact amount you need via the number reported directly on the default artifact power bar. You can set the status text to permanently show, or it will show if you mouse over the bar.
In this case the exact amount of artifact power needed is 1,144,000,000
which means that you are about 34 million short.

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