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I'm having an issue where two of my mounts - the high priest's seeker and my arcanist's manasaber, are constantly screeching or growling while I'm riding them. For some reason it's only these two mounts. I was told by a friend that it's a sound cache issue and tried what he suggested and deleted my WoW cache. I've tried that twice but it hasn't fixed the issue. Is there some other way to clear the sound cache so this stops happening? With the seeker mount in particular it's driving me up a wall.
Hey Amalythia,

Have you tried a full UI Reset and a Scan and Repair?
Okay, sorry to bump this thread but yes, I've tried everything. I tried the UI reset. Here's a SS of my WOW folder without the interface, WTF, and cache folders:

and it's still happening. I also tried the scan and repair and nada. I also tried disabling each of my addons one by one and nope. Here's a video (I made this after deleting my interface, WTF, and cache folders. You can see there's not a single addon enabled and everything is at its default) of it happening:

It's ONLY the holy version of the mount. It screeches when you land, and only when you're on the ground with it. You can see me sitting on the ground for a bit and it does it. When I go into the air it doesn't. When I swap to shadow spec and re-mount, it doesn't screech at all. At this point I think something is wrong with the holy version of this particular mount. There is a comment on WoWhead:

"The mount sounds really cute. It occasionally chirp-meows, like what a bird would sound like if it meowed like a cat. Adorable."

that makes it seem like I'm not the only one hearing this.

I know battle pets like the corgi run around and bark frequently. I'm wondering if there's just something wrong with this particular mount for this particular spec. IDK if it happens with disc, but it definitely doesn't happen for shadow.

So yeah, I think it's a bug with the mount. If you can replicate it internally, can you please pop it over to the bug team? I love this mount, but I can't stand having it screech every 10 seconds if I'm idling on it.
I have the same issue on my priest. Its constantly growling and making mount noise like mounting
08/19/2017 09:50 PMPosted by Shelyna
I have the same issue on my priest. Its constantly growling and making mount noise like mounting

Okay I'm glad it's not just me. I legit thought I was losing my mind.
Did anyone ever find a fix for this? The mount is still bugged for me and makes these horrible screeching noises like the hawkstriders do for their mount special. Only... it does it about every 10-15 seconds when idling. I have a brand new system, clean install of WoW, no addons and it just loops on repeat. I love the mount... wish I could use it without the bug driving me up the wall.
Bump. Has anyone ever found a fix for this?
Having this issue with my mount as well. It's my favorite mount so I don't want to switch, but the sounds are driving me crazy...
I've had this problem with my priest's mount since acquiring it. It screeches at random constantly, when I turn, when I land, and when I take off.

Now, it's spread to the rogue class hall mounts, which used to be almost utterly silent and are now cawing and crowing constantly.
I'm also having this issue with my class mount. SUPER annoying... !!!!!!!! Any update?

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