930 enhance shaman

930 enhance shaman , looking to join a prog guild for mythic tos currently 9/9H 3/9M , 3 nights a week would be perfect , mostly high parses. Going to xfer from frostmourne
<Somebodys> on Barthilas  1/9 Mythic is recruiting for our Mythic ToS roster.

We are a 3 night raiding guild (2 nights in mythic) that has just moved into mythic and are currently in need for some more DPS to trial for our core team.
Schedule: Heroic Wednesday, Mythic Thursday and Monday 7:30-10.00pm Server Time.

Gear: We use RCLootCouncil and gear is voted by a team of 8 members consisting of officers and core raid members who take into consideration the following: class/spec, skill, attitude, attendance, and the overall impact towards the guild.
Requirements: 915+ ilvl with a minimum of 52 traits.

Goal: Our goal as a relatively new guild is to build up a strong mythic team to push into ToS and be ready for the T21 Argus Raid.

Please add Crush#1412 or alternatively you can whisper us on Milkyshakes/Crushingdps in game.

Hi friend, I am unlimited GM. Feel free add honey#1274 if u keen joining a friendly/mature and super active in M+ or PVE. We almost everyday form raid for main and Alts in Tos, come joining us and wow should be relaxing or fun .
Hey Cybrax
If you are still looking for a guild follow this link to my guilds forum post.
or you can add me on Battle.net: Zakain#1106
hope to hear from you soon.

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