Bloods, how far into concordance is enough?

Death Knight
Im 300m away from level 7... ugh
It's pretty much pointless to try to push concord higher right now. Once Argus hits your artifact research is going to tick up every week automatically and when it's finished researching one artifact token is going to pretty much be more than everything you have acquired so far by itself.

Kinda lame for those of us who have been thinking we were earning something for this expansion but it is what it is.
Concordance is a nice benefit, but don't farm it. I'm at 59F/58U/57B because I play too much, but it's not worth making a dedicated farm for AP once you're past 2-3 points.

AP is actually nearly my bottom tier reward at the moment behind Rep. Gold always has a use eventually. I've been vendoring Jewels of Victory because 2.2m AP isn't worth 25g.
I'm stopping at 60 per artifact personally to get the first batch of netherlight crucible unlocks in 7.3.

When you're staring down the barrel of a 5.5 billion AP grind to go from 60 to 61 it loses some of the magic.
I just bought my 7th level of concordance last night. the grind is real
60 F / 58 UH / 56 B
Not farming it anymore but i do my daily stuff for legs. Dont se the point on farming AP atm just hit 52 and forget about it, u get AP for everything u do anyways.
Just look at concordance as a minor buff, that you will level up sometimes. Im sure encounters aren't balanced around how many points you have put into it. So really 1 point is 'enough'.
only 7 points in psssh try being 11 points in got another 3.4 billion to go to next one to
If you main a blood tank keep going. They are doing some stuff that involve concordance levels in the next xpac.

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