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For those of you non-rpers reading this, maybe you should give it a try sometime.

Here's a selfie from last year: https://twitter.com/tammystrongarm/status/742139955745591296

There's just something about pretending you're someone else and hanging out that's a lot of fun..
Blizzard... I love you guys.
Good job, everyone! Thank you, Blizzard!
I'm not a rper but i think rpers should be able to do things like this with no issue just as a raider can raid with little to no issues this is just rediculous. rping is a part of the game why make rp servers even a catagory if you're doing all this sharding that is going to prevent them from doing what i they enjoy. Its just terrible design at this point.
Thank you, Blizzard! We'd love to see more work done on sharding in RP realms in the future. I think I speak for the whole of the MG/WRA RP communities in saying that we'd greatly appreciate further dialogue.

Blizz swinging in with a solid 10/10 service for a swift reply and action to resolve the issue. Good job folks, you made this happen!
So, I only just heard about the news.

I want to congratulate the community on banding together during the one time of year we can all get together and put aside our differences to be able to enjoy a massive, server wide event that we all have come to love and enjoy.

To Blizzard I wished to say thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. There was absolutely no need to waste any sort of resources on a relatively small section of the community that plays your game. There was absolutely no need to waste your breath on something player driven. Yet, here you are.

Thank you for listening to us. Thank you for being there for us. You guys actually listen. Even if this doesn't reach the ears of any Blizzard employee, which i hope it does, please just know that everyone one of us near the Argent Tournament grounds thanks you.
Hurrah! *throws confetti*
While this is a great thing for a hot fix in one area, one zone, it doesn't really fix the overall issue that people are overwhelmingly talking about - which is how sharding is ruining RP communities and events. If this can happen in one zone, can it please, please, please be hot fixed in other older zones as well?
Guys, we may have had victory in Northrend, but the rest of Azeroth is still covered in Shards.

We've won the day, but the war is far from over. Don't lose the momentum we've gained! Blizzard is finally listening to us. We may have saved the ToA, but our Roleplay communities are still dying...sharding needs to go everywhere
Thom the HYPE MAN here!

It's not fixed as of yet, but hopefully it will be soon! We should be seeing results sooner or later, if not at the end of today! You can check the Warcraft Dev twitter for updates! Lets try to enjoy ourselves until it comes into effect!
Glad to see Blizz doing this. Brings back good memories. Not happy to see the grid in the tweets replying to it asking for more lol...
When I landed tonight and saw everyone, I nearly spit out my tea.
I'm glad to see Blizzard has done something. I think that the overall issue of sharding needs to be looked at; does this need to happen, how can we prevent it, and is there another solution to the problem sharding was supposed to fix?

For now though, let's enjoy the Tournament!
Thank you Blizzard for fixing this!
08/07/2017 11:41 AMPosted by Tammya

There's just something about pretending you're someone else and hanging out that's a lot of fun..

Wait...you mean you all aren't the character you play? :P
I have had issues trying to do quests etc in game with my wife who is on the same server and in a group together because of this crap. Being in a group does not fix the problem always. Sharding sux!

Rock on with your RP. I don't participate but my daughter does so I hope your event goes well.
2 people in the same phase?

Make them start different raid groups.

Now you have 80 people in the same phase.

problem solved.

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