#1 Rule for Legion survival.

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Always wear a helmet.

If it ruins your mog then you're gonna get imp slapped.
Bah, just grow horns instead.
I just farmed rep for this crown, and you're going to have to drag me through hell to make me un-mog it.
The Legion can't hurt what it can't see but I definitely need this mask to stop from gagging on all their fel fumes when I'm sneaking around.
I'm not a gnome or goblin, so I'm not worried about getting slapped anywhere above my shins.
If I wear a helmet, no one can see my blindfold and know that I ripped my own eyes out because...

Why would I hide this fine self?
#2 Rule to for Legion survival.

A succubus isn't a enemy if you /flirt first.
If the legion is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of my humanoid form after being shredded and scratched to death, they deserve to see this picture perfect elven face. Not some doofus in a helmet.
Helmets are too ugly.

There's no point in fighting the legion if I can't look amazing while doing it.
08/10/2017 12:55 PMPosted by Ashnazg

Including your caps lock.
This is like the only helmet in the game that looks good.

Well, this and both versions of Onslaught

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