908 Holy Priest

Guild Recruitment
-2 Nights a Week
-No Friday/Saturday's
-Open to Ally or Horde
-730c start or later
-Open to keeping a shadow set to be a swing player

#Hizzled1467-feel free to msg
Hey there, we start a half an hour earlier than your preferred times, if that's non-negotiable I understand and wish you the best of luck in your search. If you're flexible, <Use Your Imagination> is currently recruiting core spots to push Mythic Tomb of Sargeras and beyond. We are a semi-hardcore guild currently in need of a healer. Current prog is 7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV, 9/10M NH and 9/9 H ToS. We are located on Zul'jin Horde, raiding Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM EST (server time). If you are interested, please add Soariation#1897 to battle tag. We look forward to hearing from you!

<<A>> The Fallen Renegades <<Lightbringer Server>> is now recruiting for core raiding spots! We just recently started raiding Aug 8th.

The Fallen Renegades is a progression guild where our exceptions for our raiders are hardcore, but our game is not. Our creed is:

Respect for One Another
Pitching in Where Needed
Never Giving Up
Patience and Understanding is a Must
Having Fun is Everything

We are looking for solid Guild Members. I am looking for the following for our core raiding team:

We are 8/9 ToS Normal

  • Level 110
  • Ilvl 900+ for Raiding Legion
  • DPS 500K+ for Raiding Legion
  • HPS 500K+ for Raiding Legion

  • What we are Looking For:

    2 Dependable Tanks
    3 Dependable Healers
    Dependable DPS -- Ranged and Melee

    Raid Days/Times

    Tue/Wed/Thur 7p - 9p PST

    Loot Distribution Method: Personal Loot (always subject to change)

    The Fallen Renegades looks at the guild as a whole to make sure that everyone is taken care of to the best of our abilities. We are not looking to rush into anything, in other words we plan to do this on our own dime not the masses dime. We are not looking to keep up with the other guilds/servers we are just looking for great personalities, people who want to have fun, who will have commitment, patience, and not afraid of a little challenge.

    Side Note: If you are looking for hardcore playing or you are a elitist please keep on looking we are not for you.

    Last but not least and above all else we want to keep the fun in the game! After all this is exactly that -- A GAME! No drama or you will get auto Gkicked

    Guild Master: Yesabella add me to your Battlenet Poohbear41#1912 or email me at yesabella_wow@yahoo.com
    Raid Days
    Our raid days are Tues/Thurs/Fri from 8:30-11:30pm EST. 2 of these days are always dedicated to progression while the third one is usually normal or heroic (optional).
    If you're interested please contact an officer
    Thanks (:
    Appreciate the replies so far. Would love to stick to a two night schedule though.
    Hello Friend,
    Going to try and keep this nice and short.

    Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

    1/9M, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras
    6/10M Nighthold
    2/3M ToV
    7/7M Emerald Nightmare

    8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday .

    Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

    Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

    Hey Pedwyn, we are in need of another healer, and heals with a dps off spec would be awesome. We raid 2 nights a week, but unfortunately we start at 5:30cst/6:30est, so not sure if our times will work for you. Take a look at our post information and if you can make it work I would love to have you crossrealm a raid with us to see if everyone meshes.
    Good luck in your search.
    “Are you Mustache Enough?”
    At Tom Sellecks Mustache we value the player above all, so we recruit the person behind the mask not the toon. We look for people that want to be part of a family, people that enjoy logging on for the fun of the community, and people that remember that this is “a Game”, and it’s supposed to be fun.
    Tom Sellecks Mustache is made up of mature adults and have no time for drama or elitist players. We try not to take ourselves to seriously so we laugh and carry on in Discord while we raid. When we die we just run back and try again, with a little effort and some encouragement we get the job done and are able to sit back and laugh about our mistakes but celebrate and enjoy our success.

    Tom Sellecks Mustache is a Horde raiding guild on Thrall, Est. PVE
    9/9N - 5/9H

    Currently Seeking:
    A DPS with a solid heal off-spec would be nice. We typically run 3 heals on most encounters.
    Shadow Priest
    Ret Paladin
    Ele. Shaman

    Raid Schedule:
    Tues./Thur. 6:15pm - 9pm EST

    What we are looking for from You:
    We are an Adult guild, most of us have careers/families etc., and understand that sometimes Real Life happens. That being said our time is valuable and we are looking for players that can consistently make it to the raids. We aren’t looking to be server firsts, but we don’t want to be last either.
    If you are looking for a positive raiding experience without all the Min-Max Elitist, then you might just be Mustache enough, and we may be the right guild for you. Come talk to us you will not be disappointed.

    Contact: Zuul#1119 for more information.
    Children of the Well (7/9 Heroic TOS) is currently looking for active raiders to progress through heroic Tomb of Sargeras. We have no plans on tackling mythic, however if we get bored before new content it may happen. Our goal is to have a core of 20-25 active raiders in order to always have a full group when RL issues come up.

    Currently seeking;
    Melee DPS: Rogue/Monk/Shaman
    Ranged: Elemental Shaman
    Healer: Resto Shaman/Mistweaver Monk

    In spite of our preferences, we're open to players with skill and patience. Firm believers that people should play the class they prefer, instead prioritizing personality and ability to do mechanics. We're willing to teach and help gear in the event of lack of experience/ilvl, and our philosophy is that we don't recruit for a bench.

    Our raid times are:

    Tuesday and Thursdays 6 to 9 PM server. Progression raiding, Heroic ToS

    Sundays is our alt casual run Normal ToS in the same time frame

    Outside of raids, we have an active community with Guild events and Mythics pluses running most off night. We are not much of a PvP guild, but we do have a couple of players who do take part.

    Feel free to contact via battlenet SilchasRuin#1466 or Discord Silch#5640
    Hi Pedwyn,

    After reading your post, I think that Free Reign (A)- Tanaris would be a good fit for you. We are a friendly, semi-hardcore raiding guild. 4 hours of weekly raiding lead to focused, motivated runs while still allowing time for RL, or other in-game content. Two raid groups allow members to play at their own level, while running their alts on the off days.

    Raids: 9/9 H ToS & 3/9H ToS, 4/10M NH
    Th/M: 7pm - 9pm CST (2 raid groups)
    W/Sat: 7pm – 9pm CST Casual/Alt (Casual/Alt)

    All are welcome to join the guild on a trial basis, but for placement on our raid teams please contact Drathen#1342 or Justintuck#1424 in game to set up a trial raid. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Good morning,

    We are currently in need of a few more core raiders to continuously have enough to push into mythic.

    Raid Days: Wednesday and Sunday 7pm-10 PM PST (server time) 
    Loot: Loot Council
    Voice: Discord
    Progression: 8/9H ToS, 7/7M EN, 3/3H ToV, 1/10M NH

    We also run a N ToS alt run on Saturdays (optional), and 15+ keystones weekly.

    Btag: Safewaylifer#1980
    Hello! <Expire> is a newer guild on Aggramar made of old and new players alike. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:30-10 CST. We are currently working on Avatar (2.1%) while trying to pick up our numbers for Mythic content.

    Our raids are fairly laid back while having fun, but still focused on progression. We are mostly adults and can sound like sailors with some sarcastic fun.

    If you are interested feel free to add me on b.net at OnlyHalide#1168 or add me on discord at Only Halide#4942.

    <The Fish and Bread Trick> is a Christian Horde guild recently moved to the Dalaran server. We have been around since 2009 (I am the same guild leader actually) and continue to have a solid core of players. We have seen quite a few new members join in the just the past two weeks, and are looking to build up a solid raid team in the coming weeks, with the ultimate goal to be ready by 7.3.

    Christians? Yep, we're mostly Christians who play World of Warcraft. Crazy-sauce I know. But you know what, we respect and love everyone who joins the guild regardless of their faiths and backgrounds, and we expect that all guild members do the same to each other. We also expect that you keep the cussing and raging out of raids by at least using that handy-dandy push-to-talk button.

    We are not a Bible-verses-in-trade-chat spewing club or an attempt to convert anyone. We just enjoy playing with like-minded folks, and we help each other out as life hits us with real friendships because we think of this guild as a fellowship, not just a bunch of NPCs whom we invite to M+ runs or raids.

    We are normal level raiders who intend on finishing heroic. Raid style is casual, but we check logs, and officers encourage players to get better by helping them learn their class. Noobs are welcome.

    Currently our schedule is Sunday and Mon/Tues at 8 pm EST. I know that's half an hour off your schedule, but hey, just opening up that invitation regardless.

    Interesting? Go to the guild website at http://www.thefishandbreadtrick.com to apply. Feel free to contact me via Bnet at Junataro#1159.
    Hellooooooo Pedwyn!

    <Ecksdee> is 8/9H recruiting for Mythic ToS, with 7/7 3/3 10/10M leadership.

    Ecksdee has been around as a guild for just short of a few weeks, but we've been raiding as a team for much longer than that. We're a laid back group who likes to kill things and try to have fun doing so. We're current seeking like minded people who want to do some Mythic raiding.

    What we're looking for: Players who want to raid Mythic, of course!

    Specifically, we're looking for Tanks and DPS. We'd love for you to join us!

    When we're looking for it: Now!
    We've almost built our Mythic roster, but we need just a few more awesome people to get us where we want to be. So many other guilds will fold under the pressure, but not Ecksdee! Join us and have some fun!

    What time was that?

    Raid times are Heroic Tuesday / Thursday 8-11pm PST

    Why should I join you?

    Because we value sexy dwarves, we like toast, we play other games together (see Diablo III), we're welcoming, we're altoholics, we post random videos in discord chat (view at your own risk). We kill heroic stuff. Maybe not as fast as the best and fastest on the server, but we'll get there. Faster than a good number! Maybe if you join us we'll get there even faster!

    What if I just want to hang out in guild and level? Do you do other stuff?

    That's awesome! We have some casual members and there's normally someone doing something around. Our main focus is raiding, but we also do dungeons, Challenge Modes, pet battles, PvP, level alts, do old content. We like having people around, even if your schedule or play style mean you can't join in raiding shenanigans. We will have some "intro to raiding" nights as well for those who have never raided but want to try.

    You're so awesome, I want in!

    Sweet. You can add our guild leader Athira's (Syrup#1855). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through a whisper. Will love you long time. Cookies and toaster pastries for all!
    <Calamitous Intent> is a semi-casual HEROIC ONLY guild on Exodar/Medivh. We are currently 7/9 H ToS on a 4 hour schedule (9-11 EST Wednesday and Thursday).

    Outside of raid days, we do have several folks that like running m+ or older raids, but it is by no means required.

    The guild is made up of a small conglomeration of friends and raiders from every expansion, some spanning all the way back to vanilla. Many of us are former hardcore raiders who just ain't about that life anymore. We are small and close knit, but very welcoming to newcomers that mesh well with us.
    The atmosphere is definitely more adult oriented and there is a fair amount of friendly banter/gentle ribbing between members.

    We're semi-casual but we still want to see bosses die, so we expect people to have basic knowledge of their class and the fights before heading in. Also come with consumables/enchants/etc, though the guild is able to help out a lot in that regard if you ask.

    Btag is yaktopus#11511 for any questions or if you just wanna hang out for a raid or two to see if we are a good fit for you.

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