help with unholy pvp and pve please

Death Knight
what talents should i use for arena and bgs?

and what talents for pve please?

also is it a good idea to macro blighted rune weapon dark transformation and soul reaper if i have it specced together?
Since you have no UH legendaries (that I can see, I assume you're relinquishing to victory)...

PvE wise, for ST you want to be using Dark Arbiter. Even absent the Shoulders or a CoF it'll probably be better than SR. (Feel free to hit Raidbots and sim, but I suspect the difference will be negligible, see below on why this means SR is a loss.)

For AoE, you can either stick with Dark Arbiter and prioritize D&D+SS/CS, or, you can go Defile. This is mostly about whether or not you want peak AoE DPS all the time or would prefer better ST with a side of AoE. Note, Defile would help shore up your mastery, which is low right now (obviously because you're still gearing, no judgment).

Generally speaking, with DA you get a lot out of Unholy Frenzy, so it's recommended you use that specifically in a DA build. In a Defile build CS is a bit stronger but you can try either of those two and decide how you like them.

Until you have the shoulders Shadow Infusion isn't terribly strong so Infected Claws is a better choice there. Once you do have shoulders they can sim close together so it becomes a question of what you're more comfortable with, and, do you like the occasional bonus AoE. (Eg. on Harjatan I use IC+Soul of the Deathlord, gives a nice boost to cleaving the adds without sacrificing much ST DPS overall.)

DT and SR are on the GCD and so cannot be macro'd together (except as cast sequences). [Edit: Per Jonsnow's post below BRW isn't GCD, so it can be macro'd in with either of those but not both, however IMO you wouldn't; you want to decide when you're going to use it, not fire and forget. YMMV.] Last I checked, BRW wasn't simming any higher than PP, so just go PP. More runes to turn over synergizes with our T20 4pc.

If you're going to use Soul Reaper I strongly advise a weak aura to let you know it's an optimal time to cast it, because you need to make sure there's already 3+ wounds on the target (4-5 if you have Black Claws and the pet is transformed) and that you have enough runes to go through those wounds and get your stacks.

Other talents: Ebon Fever absolutely, Spell Eater 4 lyfe (this is just me, a lot of people prefer Lingering, but I get too much use out of AMS), Sludge Belcher (hopefully this goes without saying...)

I don't PvP as UH soooo I am of no help there.
I cannot really speak for PvP as I generally stay away like... the plague... okay bad joke, I'm sorry.

Anyhow, while I have not done super elaborate testing, I find that my current talent setup does fairly well in mythic+ dungeons and raid finder, have not done any regular raids for some time.

So talent-wise:

-Ebon Fever
-Petilant Pustules
-Castigator/Clawing Shadows (CS I believe is better, especially with Defile)
-Sludge Belcher supposedly is more effective at dealing damage
-Infected Claws
-Defile (I use a macro to cast on top of myself so I don't waste time placing it)

just my two cents that work well for me and the content I do.
Strict pvper atm, former PvEer. Speaking as someone who's hit 1900 on a DH/DK this season and 1860 on this DK as unholy currently.

In almost all cases I take all will serve, having your pet out at all times is really nice. Blighted Rune Weapon is too valuable to pass up too, it makes our burst so much more potent, creates more cleave potential, just a lot of stuff. Unholy frenzy is my goto vs most comps, but vs double caster or situations where targets are hard to stay on it's not always bad to take clawing shadows. Asphyxiate speaks for itself. For your defensive tier, that is situational but in 99% of my matches I take corpse shield. Infected claws and Soul Reaper for best throughput results.

Honor talents are more str8forward - Orc relentless. Since you're a human, probably better to just go first honor talent. Reinforced armor usually, unless it's mongo cleave and you think you're going to get trained; take sparring. Take ANTI MAGIC ZONE vs comps that'll melt you like mage-lock-x, and most other times Dark Sim. Decomposing aura most of the time, speaks for itself. Last row, necrotic strike in 3s, and in 2s if you're not vs double dps or high hps comps. This ability is a godsend.

My blighted rune weapon macro is like this, kindly given to me by a 2500 who dumped me his macro list (Samaritan; He's a really good Samaritan, btw;)
#showtooltip Blighted Rune Weapon
/cast Dark Transformation
/cast Blood Fury
/cast Blighted Rune Weapon

If you want more, as there are a lot, my battletag is YoBoiPetey#1602.
Good luck and happy hunting.
@Jonsnow or anyone else with insight;

I see a lot of the top US unholy DK's playing with All WIll Serve, but on the EU realms I see almost everyone going with Ebon Fever. Such as this guy here;

Anyone with any idea as to why this is? Aside from that the both realms' builds are basically cookie cutter identical.

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