[H] Partying Potatoes 9/9H rec for mythic

Partying Potatoes

We are a semi-serious guild that is based in Barthilas. The guild is made up of mostly Singaporeans with a handful of Indonesians. Our members range from the age of 25 - 50 with real life commitments but still want to enjoy raiding at a high level. We are in the midst of expanding the guild in preparation for mythic progression as we have recently conclude our heroic progression.

Raid Schedule

Wednesday and Monday 8.30 to 11.30 pm (GMT+8)
We do insert additional raid days subjected to a majority vote.

Player Expectations

~Sorted in accordance to importance~

I. Maturity, as we try to be as inclusive as possible there will come a time where we have to bench in order to progress. We seek the understanding of the raiders affected and they are expected to leave the raid gracefully.

II. Attendance, we maintain a small raid roster as such near 100% attendance is required.

III. Punctuality, raid invites goes out 5mins before the raid starts. Raiders are expected to be fully ready (flask, food, enchants, correct talents, etc) to receive the invites. We average 6 hours of raiding a week, every second counts.

IV. Class Proficiency, we encourage all our players to play competitively. Doing personal research on how to improve one’s class and learning how to read logs and understanding how to improve one’s performance is also expected. Having a good comprehension of boss mechanics and watching videos before the fight is compulsory.

V. Voice Discipline, we use Discord as our voice chat. Unless you are assigned as a raid leader or someone that is calling out boss mechanics, it is appreciated that you do not hog the voice channel. Some small chat every now and then is fine but only during farm bosses/ runs. If you bring the wind fury, you can be sure we are gonna bring the boot. Having a mic is not mandatory. Discord however is mandatory.

VI. Hardware, all raiders are expected to have a stable internet connection with latency not more than 500ms. No, we also do not tolerate reasons for failure such as, “My PC is only capable of 20 fps”. We believe a certain level of monetary investment is required to raid at this level.

VII. Gear, ~910ilvl with 52 traits.



Most other classes are encouraged to apply as long as you are capable of churning out exceptional numbers.

Holy Priest (High Priority)
Resto Shaman

Getting in touch

If you fulfill our aforementioned requirements and are interested in joining us, we would be more than happy to give you a trial, kindly send an in-game message to Amelon, Ferevellon or myself Whitetruffle.

Alternatively you can leave a comment in the thread and I will get in touch with you at the nearest time possible. It would be greatly appreciated that you comment using the character you are applying for which makes the vetting process easier.
Hi there i would like to try out. Ive only started playing WOW in legion but looking forward to getting into raiding.

looking forward to hearing back from you .

Still looking for more DPS!
Holy Priest on priority now!
Bump! Doing Trials Tonight!!!
Still looking for a few more DPS and 1 more healer to expand into Mythic Progression.

Rogue (Priority)
Mage (Priority)
Warlock (Priority)
Ele Shaman
Other DPS are also welcomed to apply.

Healers: (1 Spot) - Would be good if have DPS offspec
Holy Priest (High Priority)
Resto Shaman (High Priority)

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