Which boss would you bring back?

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You know how Blizzard likes to recycle certain villains, we've had Nefarion a couple of times for examples, which villain would YOU bring back?

Keep in mind you can't bring back Kil'Jaedan, Archimonde or Ragnaros, as they died in the Twisting Nether/elemental realms meaning their deaths are permanent. You can't bring them back.

I would bring back Deathwing.
Ragnaros Jr.
Kaelthas because they did his character such a disservice.
the tag team of kaelthas and ragnaros vs kiljaeden and archimonde.
Kel'thuzad's and Kael'thas's spirits bonded together to create: Kael'thuzad.
I want original Hakkar back.

That's it.
Queen Azshara xD

( she was in well of eternity but kinda obvs shes coming back lol )
Oh I forgot Hogger
Nazgrim, not DK nazgrim, Nazgrim
None of them. I'm sick of recycled content.
Bill'Jaeden, Kil'Jaeden's long lost paternal twin.
08/10/2017 03:14 AMPosted by Maltaliia
I want original Hakkar back.

That's it.

How original we talking about? Blood plague original:P?
fel lord zakuun, i just want to hear his voice again
Lady Sevine.

Lets see how many still have the sword to kill her :P
No one expects the Zandalari!
All of them.

Including world bosses and the ones you said can't come back. Stitches, EPL couriers, hogger, and any other open world player killers can make rare appearances at any tier. Yes, rare spawn raid bosses. Caverns of time "test your skill" raid.

20m fixed raid size.

All loot tables scaled up to 110*. Every 10 bosses gives chest with 1 token for current tier (to offset no old tiers) and saves progress.

Random boss order. 50 fights. Colosseum style. Complete wipes set raid to last checkpoint. If any member survives boss resets as normal.

When full cleared, FFA flag flies and last toon standing gets a Flying pig mount.

*screw your balance, I want some of those trinkets at 110!

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