reason to afk for a moment

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i afk for moment for this reason out
2.slow lag internet disconnect the door for my parent to let them come home
4.eating the dinner when food ready
5.go to parent meeting event
6.kill a time to take shower (watung for raid ready)
7.go to toilet

what about you?
I had to rush AFK in the middle of a boss in Nighthold because my Smoke detector was going off. Does that count?
Cat on fire
I need to urinate, using my genitalia.
To grab food
To make a drink
To go shower
To cat nap
To pee like 9000 times
To change girl products sometimes
To make more food
To surf forums
To listen to music
To surf forums
To pee again 9000 more times
Take dogs out
Do laundry
Watch movies
Play xbox
Rinse and repeat .
Coffee breaks, tabbing out, phone calls, tabbing out, doing my nails, tabbing out.
Buttcrack sweat is a real problem in this country.
Hand was in Dorito bag. Need to clean oily hand bbl.
My fish are on fire and I have to put them out.
Cat requires attention.
Ever heard of logging out?
afk my internet went out
Fell asleep.
Top up my water jug.
When I need to make another rum n coke or piss;)
08/11/2017 06:10 AMPosted by Liltipsy
When I need to make another rum n coke or piss;)
you drink piss?
Lmao pretty funny xd

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