What makes people act like jerks in LFR?

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I understand both arguments, but at the same time, learn to only ask once and suck it up, if there's no response.
You're lucky OP, you get to learn the lesson that someone ignoring a message they most definitely received means "No" from a video game.
If I am geared and in LFR it isn't to help. It is because I am looking for a MoG item or a pet or something. Getting whispered every time an item drops gets old. It is nothing against you or any one person. It is just all the time and easier to ignore.

All you have to do is thank Blizzard for personal loot. Everyone that gets something can do what they want with it. Even if it is just for the gold at a vendor.

For example I ran a normal NH today I simply told the group I was only there for one piece of MoG gear I was missing and if it happened to drop and wasn't needed I could use it. The item did drop and not for me. A few bosses later before the person left they asked me if I wanted them. Yep they asked me. I didn't have to whisper or spam them.

Item was traded and my MoG set was complete. All I had to do was be patient and not bother other players just trying to have a good time and kill clear some content.
Oh wow, this thread really is just about the OP trying to convince everyone that they were truly the victim in this scenario simply because someone either didn't see their message or chose to ignore being pestered by a beggar, thus making the other person a jerk for choosing to ignore an entitled beggar who was pestering them.

What a world we live in today.
08/27/2017 06:57 PMPosted by Kristana
f you're playing basketball when some kid comes up and sees a spare ball laying on the ground, then asks if it's yours and/or do you mind if he plays with it, is your first instinct to ignore him completely or scream "@#$% off!" to him?
Actually, something very similar once happened to me. We'd taken some overly large piece of textile that belonged to my mother to a laundromat so we could wash and dry it in a commercial sized machine. I'd taken my sketchbook along to pass the time as my sister and I chatted. I looked up from loading the overly large textile into the dryer to find two children had grabbed my sketchbook and pencils and were now ruining one of my drawings.

"Hey! That's MINE!" It came out harsher-sounding than I meant it. I wasn't really angry, but really quite shocked. I was raised that you didn't touch other people's things, and the kid ruining my drawing was old enough to have known better. Their moo looked all grumpy faced that I shouted at her preshush darlings, but DAD made them apologize and give it back. (Yay dad, you're doing it right.)

Which brings us back to:

Other people's things are not yours. If they want to be nice and give them to you or share, that's fine. However, they are not required to do so, and you have no right (and some nerve) to demand them. Nor do they have to answer your requests. Most likely the person wanted the thing, and didn't feel like arguing or explaining their reasons. They don't have to. It's theirs. Maybe they feel about their gear they way I do about my art supplies. If your tone makes you sound like you're making a demand, well, I'm just going to pretend I don't hear you and hope you go away.

...because that's the nicest response demands ever get from me, and trust me, you don't want to see the escalation from there. It's not pretty and makes me feel tired, and you're not worth it.
08/27/2017 12:24 PMPosted by Kristana
If you're standing in line at Starbucks, look at someone, and ask them a question, having them stare back at you without saying a word would not be appropriate behavior.

I ignore beggars who ask for stuff in real time all the time. Generally even a No is taken as acknowledgement that I might give them something.

Nothing you have said OP makes me think other then you where the jerk and quite rude.
08/27/2017 12:00 PMPosted by Annastasi
you were the jerk here, not the other guy
This thread is so amusing, I don't know where to begin in terms of criticism.

1) Messaging someone repeatedly IS harassment. Here's the definition of harassment: "the act or an instance of harassing, or disturbing, pestering, or troubling repeatedly". It doesn't matter if the person doesn't reply, messaging them incessantly is harassment. Go educate yourself or grab a dictionary.

2) You are not entitled to MY gear and you cannot dictate MY response. I've grown so tired of people pestering me for gear that I normally just ignore whispers. If I don't need an item, which is usually the case in LFR, I'll link it in raid chat and ask someone to roll. Or if the price of chaos crystals is decent, I'll just DE it. 400G>your progression. Do you think I got to where I am by welfare handouts? Obviously not.

Here's the thing, I don't care about your progression not because I'm mean but because I don't know you. If my friends need chaos crystals or gold, I'll obviously prioritize them ahead of you. You thinking that you're entitled to my gear is so ridiculous. Why would I give you my gear when I don't even know you?

3) Not responding=no. I'm starting to think that you have little to no EQ. If someone ignores you, they obviously want nothing to do with you. Thus, logicially speaking, you should get the hint that if they don't even bother to reply to you, they're not going to give you their gear. Messaging someone twice is fine but you literally messaged them 4 times begging for loot and even randomly invited them to a group. Your actions made them so uncomfortable that they actually logged off. If you can't see how rude your actions are, then that's your problem.

4) WoW does not have to be a social game. Just because it's branded as an MMORPG doesn't mean that everyone views it as a social game. I don't play WoW as a social game, I'm more interested in the lore/fantasy as well as progression. You can't force someone to be social. You may argue that replying is "basic human decency" but you can't shove your ideology down someone's throat.

Tl;dr YOU are the one at fault. Instead of expecting all of us to pity you, learn to be accountable for your actions. You're not a victim, stop acting like one. That guy wasn't rude. He just expected you to have enough common sense to understand that no response=no. YOU are wrong, end of story.
08/27/2017 10:28 PMPosted by Shado
Oh wow, this thread really is just about the OP trying to convince everyone that they were truly the victim in this scenario simply because someone either didn't see their message or chose to ignore being pestered by a beggar, thus making the other person a jerk for choosing to ignore an entitled beggar who was pestering them.

What a world we live in today.

but hey, if op doesnt learn he will have to learn the hard way, since people like us doesnt reply he will just have to suck his own thumb and wait...
Don't assume that just because someone has a lego in the spot a piece of gear drops for that it isn't needed. I have an 885+ substitute for every lego I own that allows me to swap out whenever I want with no drop in overall performance.
Player begs for loot in LFR, gets no response, wonders why

More at 11
I think it's kind of like going to a bar and they had a contest and the winner got a free drink. Would you go up to the guy and say hey are you going to drink that? If not can I have it? I would recommend just waiting for people to offer gear and if you can use it politely say that you can use it. But the bugging people for gear all the time is kind of getting a little sickening. I've had people ask for an item even after I left the raid and then want to meet me in dalaran to collect it off me. I've had one person ask if you could get the piece of gear for another player in the raid, and when I did give it to the person they did not say thank you or nothing. A lot of the time I think it's probably just a person that wears crappy gear to get other people's gear so they can disenchant it. Maybe an addon that inspects people's drops and automatically sends them and Whisper asking for the item? I wouldn't doubt it.
So you bugged him/her for loot? If a player doesn't respond, that is pretty much a sound no. This type of behavior is the reason why I no longer loot bosses in LFR. I just collect my loot at my mailbox.
Put up a /DnD when you loot. I have this macro'ed for use:

/DnD Happy peanuts soar over chocolate covered mountaintops and waterfalls of caramel. Prancing nougat in the meadow sings a song of satisfaction to the world.
08/27/2017 03:45 PMPosted by
I sincerely hope OP is trolling hard, because if they really think this way, then I have lost a little more faith in the Human race.

Edit: Trolling. The OP hasn't run any LFR on that character at all according to the website. Unless it's not updating for some reason.

Bravo, OP, bravo.


Looks like OP beat each LFR boss once, the last coming with KJ on 08/11/17.

Weird thing to bring up in GD two weeks later.
OP is an entitled LFR hero, wow. what a surprise.
If your Begging for Drops in LFR then it's time for you to JOIN a guild and do GUILD RUNS. If you whisper me more then once I will just add you to my block list. If I am on my Monk Healer and you start begging me more then once I have a simple solution I will let you die.
You kept pestering the guy for HIS loot the entire raid and even after it ended and he left and he's the jerk...?
If I play multiple specs on a char and get a piece that's a big upgrade for my OS, then get inundated with whispers from strangers asking for it, sometimes I ignore at least some of them.

It's rude, but half the time you actually explain yourself, people explode because they feel entitled to whatever it is you got because your main's OS is less important than their 9th alt's MS or whatever
The funniest part of this whole story is the few people farther back in the comments defending the op.

I smell alts.

I love it when people whisper me for gear, because then i can send them a screenshot of the chaos crystal i just got ayy lmao. It's my crap, not yours. Whispering me 9 times across a whole lfr wing is a good way to get on the block list.

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