[H] DEVIANT 5/11M T/Su 9PM CST ☄️LF Core DPS

Guild Recruitment
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hey friends
wat up
Looking for a powerful DPS
Hope to find a strong DPS for our core team.
Still searching for a powerful DPS addition
Still looking for a dps
It's reset Tuesday and we're looking for 1 solid dps addition to our core!
3/11 now mates.
Looking for another strong DPS
Still looking to find a solid top level dps.
Looking for a strong DPS. Specifically a Rogue, Boomkin, S-Priest, Mage or Hunter.
still searching for some dps for our coresquad
Looking for some friends to dps stuff with!
Still searching for 1 solid dps addition, hope to hear from you in here, bnet or discord.
Frosted & I hope to speak with someone soon
Still looking for a DPS core addition
Looking for one dps still for our team
o!@#$waddup lfm
Still looking for dps position
Still looking for some Very Handsome DPS!

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